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Love the music, and was absolutely blown away by Children of the Grave. Amazing. Heartbreaking story, but amazing documentary.


Love watching your movies, I saw COTG and Spooked on scifi and I own Death Tunnel on DVD


I loved the show, tell me what was it really like when you guy's were on Zombie Rd. That freaked me out. All the screams and the sounds of the kids, wow, awesome. I really loved the pic's of the "shadow people" especially of the one where it looked like one was comming down the hill torwards you guy's. Where are you guy's going next? You guy's are awesome, much love till next time.


Watching your film was an unbelievable rush!The background work on all of the sites was just facinating,but "Zombie Road"was the best.All my life,I've been drawn to the otherside.I'm a very strange "sensative",more of an animal communicator than people. My son[just turned 30]is very strange,as he acts as a beacon or homing device to the ones left behind.Please keep on filming the Truth.


I really enjoyed this documentary. I loved all the history. What a sad story. I can't believe how disposable children were back then. I also can't believe people got away with murder, abuse, etc.. on these innocents. I would love to go investigate some of the locations.


children of the grave was terrifyingly entertaining. i LOVED it!

April Lyn

Saw "COTG" on the Scifi Channel recently. I have been a "believer" all my life, seeing a lot of crazy stuff, but your film scared the crap out of me!!


I just watched Children of the Grave. By the time it was over, I was bawling. All I wanted to do was crawl through the t.v. and hold these babies and children and love them. How did you do this movie without breaking down? As a mother, I could not imagine such horror being done to such precious gifts as children. It makes you love and protect your kids more.


God I love this documentary. I dunno why, but I was more upset and sad then scared. Shit, I must of cried at least twice when watching this. What freaked me out was the pic of the ghost of the Ramsey girl.


This video is amazing. Your work is outstanding. Hope to see more in the future.


I saw our movie today. Excellent work! Can't wait for more!"


I loved Children of the grave. Looking forward to seeing more.


Loved the documentary. . . think u outdo TAPS.


Unbeleivable. If I wasn't a beleiver before I am now


look forward to the new release,glad to see you still enjoy our english heritige.allthe best in future films..


I am watching "Children of the Grave" and just wanted to let you know that I think it is the best paranormal show / documentary I have seen.


"Saw this several days ago. Having grown up in Spfd, MO and having visited Eureka Springs many, many times it was really quite a thrill to see actual investigations done in a couple of my fav 'haunts'. Thanks for the fun & shivers!


Thank you for Children of the Grave. I watch it today on Sci-Fi while I was at work. I always talk about my experience with spirits and ghosts and some people believe and some don't. Today my co-worker was convinced when she watched children of the grave..My sons and I had many experience in my home. What ever here in my house attacks my youngest son the most. It bothered him sooooo much that he won't sleep upstairs in his bedroom. He sees ghosts and says they walk through the walls. He even told me one night that a man was standing at the foot of my bed. I'm not scared, and I have confronted it several time by praying and reading the Bible. Even when my sister and I was a kid we seen spirits and ghosts. She wont talk about them but I will. I can walk in some house and tell if it's haunted or have spirits. If its a bad spirit I get a funny feeling in my stomach a sick feeling. Even looking at some of the Zombie pictures I got sick to my stomach. So I closed the box. Im very interested in doing this kind or work or working with someone on a project. If its only for one time. Well, keep up the good work and I will be looking for more great things from you..God Bless and I will be praying for you...


I just watched Children of the Grave on SciFi...I wanted my daughter to see it but they haven't got cable. She's a gifted young lady that can see and hear things other people can't. She just joined a paranormal investigation team from where she lives...she goes on her first investigation this weekend (depending on the weather) She's been wanting to do this for quite a while...she is on my top friends (thedarkfey) I enjoyed your documentary very much...and I could all most hear the children crying and feel there pain. It's been awhile since I've worked with the paranormal and I used to be a minister in a Spiritualist church. Thanks for the bulletin and the heads up so that I was able to view the documentary.

love n hugs Gypsy

Just wanted to stop in and say hello and congratulate you on the airing of "Children of the Grave".


hi there, from a random tv viewer -

your bits of COTG were concise, sensible, interesting, and good. lots of sensationalized goofiness in the world of tv paranormal investigating, so it's always pleasing when someone is clear/calm/informative. thanks, and good luck...!

i saw your show on the si-fi channel on tv wensday and thought it was one of the best documentarys out there and yes i am going to get my copy tomorrow.


Watched the show, thought is was great Im glad to see that you focused on the children.


I was astonished when you told me how loud the EVP of the scream at the mass grave was. I still get chills just thinking about it. That is an amazing EVP. I have now watched "Children of the Grave" 3 times. Two of the scenes really get to me:

1. The "I wanna hold" - EVP
2. The scene where one of the surviving orphans gets her Raggedy Ann doll.

I have now watched "Spooked", twice. This is also a great DVD. I am a history nut, so I appreciated the historical background information. I think this is an important aspect to doing investigations because it gives you a view into who you might be encountering paranormally.


COG and Spooked were pretty good..it's going to be hard to top them...


Loved the show and will watch it again!The shadows in the wood unreal!!! I am the Director of Bon Secour Paranormal Investigations and just addmire your work!


i wanted to tell you i watched children of the grave and it was so sad , but also very interesting. you guys are great and did a wonderful job.


hey, im right now whatchin children of the grave!!!! awesome but emotional work! i do have a question, where can i find a picture of jon-bennetts ramseys ghost, ive been searching the net and i cant find it, can u help? please?



Children Of The Grave This documentary honestly creeped me out!


I was up late the other night and came across the documentary entitled Children of the Grave by filmmakers The Booth Brothers (Spooked, The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, as seen on the Sci Fi Channel). Usually, when it comes to “ghost hunter” tv shows, I lose interest after about 30 seconds because of the pure hokeiness of the program and the fact that the “hunters” in the show usually can’t actually show the audience any proof. However, Children of the Grave is not your average ghost hunter reality tv show. This documentary honestly creeped me out! I was glued to the tv set from beginning till the very end. If you’re into the paranormal, you’ll want to check it out!


Children of the Grave: German DVD Review

Over the past century in the United States and Canada thousands of mass graves have remained undiscovered. Graves, and their own sad story. It is the story of children who fall into oblivion
are the children of nowhere mentioned. At least two thirds of these graves are orphans. The identities of most of these children are still unsettled. These children were handed over to state custody, either because their parents or grandparents had died or exactly these people are from unknown reasons no longer care for their children. Some of these children had the good fortune to a loving home. Most of these children had, however, a dark and sad and very eintöniges life.

And in the turmoil of the civil war or the Great Depression and the two world wars were exactly
these poor souls all too often forgotten. But not only that, these orphans were not only forgotten, they were often humiliated and treated like cattle. Many of these children have already died so very young age. Torture, severe penalties, false or no medical treatment influenced the everyday lives of these children. For thousands in mass graves buried, most of those children are not more than a "number". Grave stones, to which only figures are included testimony today in North America from those tragedies from the
old days. These children were mostly savaged during his lifetime and in exceptionally poor condition. And above
after the death of the "Orphanage-Children" (orphans) remained mostly this surface. At most locations,
where the souls of these children still can feel they are literally on the people, to a helping
Hand to find their pain and grief to their defeat.

You are looking for their mothers and fathers, siblings and grandparents in places where the greatest suffering of their young life had to learn, or they do not know that they died and why dwell in the place where they lived as a last resort. In most cases, these children do not know that when searching for their loved ones mostly in the wrong places change. And it is precisely those orphans and the places where these children lived, or where their tragic fate took place, all we want to emphasize in this story. Ghost Hunter Two groups from the United States took with the most sophisticated methods of investigation, this phenomenon.

This is the story: "The children from the grave"

Starting in 1850 were in the United States more than 2 million children until the 1980s, formally known as orphans.
The unreported, however, over 5 million children. Many of the children's fates are still do not understand. Some of these poor souls were simply in the days of the wars against the doors of orphanages. Food, clothing, essential to live was scarce and many of the children were sick. And in those difficult times knew many of the parents or grandparents no other solution more than their children into the hands of the State. The children were mostly on any trains loaded and across the Country, with unknown destination. Just as many children there were also in forests or on the Street lived there and were contrary to their fate.

Most fates of the children lose themselves in the dark. Violence, hatred and misery, were responsible for these children to the agenda, they were treated like prisoners or lepers and without any regard for mercy. Many of the children from orphanages to appear today in the archives of the cities. The exact number of mass graves remains in the dark. Only a small percentage of victims could be assigned to this day, so that these children at least received a name. For all those who are still undetected in the ground to rest, it remains only a Number on their grave stones. Cemeteries, orphanages, lonely forests, over here you can still detect those abandoned souls, which until now tied to their fate, the "Children of the Grave."

The Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis is still one of the largest cemeteries in the United States. By the year 1980,
where 699 children in mass graves buried. 699 unwanted, verstoßene children. Most of the children were white descent, only a small proportion of children was coloured. They came from four different orphanages in Indianapolis. They were then strictly in accordance races, as well as boys and girls separately.

There was even their own entrances into the dining rooms of the orphanages, even here it was all racial, as well as boys and girls separately. Brothers and sisters were mostly on the day when they entered the orphanage last
Time in her life, quickly separated the paths of the children, and they lost from sight. Strange is worth noting that in the period from 1850 to 1950 very many of these unwanted children have a sudden death
died and from 23.9 to 40.1% of the children. It is explained this today so that these children per day to at least half a litre of milk is increased. Allegedly, this puts milk with formaldehyde, leading to severe poisoning have led. Many small children and even babies should be dead.

The mortality rate of children heard from the year 1950 suddenly. However, today is behind levelled at hand it says that in North America so-called "experiments" to at least 100,000 children who have nowhere has been carried out and are still carried out. From drug injections of electric shocks to the long hours of sitting in forced jackets in dark rooms, they were their "treatments".

In the spring of 2006, near Montreal a mass grave found behind a farm. In the Residents there will be only the "pigsty". Hundreds of children's bones were found, so that it is not surprising that the Spukgeschichten to be told here, mostly of crying and sad
Children who are to the people to seek help. Of course, this reference by the Government has still not officially confirmed.

Children, that this so-called "medical treatment" is not subjected wanted to have been insane as short hand stamped and it was subjected to the governments made easy with these children should proceed as they wanted.

There are strong indications that certain chemicals to children by injection. These children were really nowhere, then entledigte one of its quiet and secret way. Because no one would miss these children or search. In 2005 began the Paranormal Task Force, among other well-known members as an author Troy Taylor, Steve La Chance, or Greg Myers belong to the search for the phenomenon of disappearances and spukenden children.

On the above cemetery, the Ghost Hunter overwhelming EVPs. From the crying of a baby, Noise of playing children to sing, it was a eindruckvollste EPP on the apparently the cries of Hundreds of children to hear. Children apparently screaming for help, and the contact with the living. Those recordings and from the zombie Road apply in professional circles as the best but also EVPs, since the votes with the phenomenon worked.

A similar example, the Barton Ville Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois. In this cemetery existed on 4000 grave stones, only with a "number" information. The number stands for each deceased, in an asylum lived. Previously, only those close to 1500 corpses have been identified. The remaining grave stones has, over time, removed and their identities have been deleted. Until today, the Illinois State does not Information about graves and identity of the deceased. Inhuman conditions will be in the House of orphans
Barton Ville confusion. The underground of children under water want to pleased by the supervisors has been used as punishment.

In many letters the children told them that the orphanages rather "concentration camps from hell" was similar.
In one case, even a child with the head in a fire has been pressed. We also heard time and again the voices of children, according to their parents or siblings call, or it will be seen the little children singing or dancing through the rooms geistern, and then suddenly disappear again without leaving a trace. Allegedly were here even dolls and other children's toys found that one up into the 20-er Years of the last century date.

© 2008 / ~DaVinci~ - www.geisternet.com

Children of the Grave: DVD Review

Children of the Grave: Review

by Rhetta A.


Recently, Sci Fi aired a documentary by the Booth Brothers entitled Children of the Grave. It featured a number of people I respect in the paranormal community as hosts or commentators, such as Keith Age, Rosemary Ellen Guilley, and John Zaffis. I had seen the Booth Brothers' "Spooked!" about Waverly Sanitarium, and while I thought they did a good job, I was bothered by the fact that they came there to film a horror film and sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between re-enactment and actual events. Nevertheless, I was impressed by their historical documentation.

In "Children of the Grave," I feel that the brothers have done a much better job of distinguishing between real footage and re-enactment. Personally, I would prefer no re-enactment at all, but I realize that they have a product to sell, and Sci Fi likes dramatization. When I met Keith Age at Ghostock 6, I bought the DVD from him and the DVD does give you an opportunity in the "Extras" to take a closer look at some of the evidence, and it stands up to examination.

I really liked "Children of the Grave." From a paranormal standpoint, the places and stories were fascinating, and much of the evidence is intriguing.

However, for me, the most interesting part of this documentary has nothing to do with the paranormal aspects. I was fascinated by the history of the Orphan Trains and the fate of orphans in the late 19th and early 20th century, and the documentary does a wonderful job of presenting that.

I was vaguely aware of the Orphan Trains, and I have a personal connection to the orphanage experience of that time period because my grandmother was raised in a Masonic orphange in North Carolina from the age of 6 until she was 16, and I used to love to hear her tell me stories about it.

But as a result of watching Children of the Grave, I have embarked on a reading and research adventure about the Orphan Trains, and you can expect to see an article about them before too long.

I suppose if you are totally close-minded about the paranormal or you don't enjoy watching things pertaining to it, you might want to avoid this show or DVD. But if you're interested in history or the paranormal and you're a bit open-minded, I highly recommend it.

DreadCentral.com Children of the Grave (DVD) Review

The Booth Brothers, Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth, are twin filmmakers who have been documenting paranormal activities for the last several years. Their latest film, Children of the Grave, takes us to some of the most frightening places right here in the good old USA to search for the ghosts of children.According to the documentary, the spirits of kids represent a large portion of all types of paranormal activity. In this at times utterly frightening film, we're taken to a few choice destinations: abandoned orphanages and their unmarked mass graves, old castles and their underground tunnels, and even the world famous Lawler Ford Road, which is better known to ghost hunters as the ever-so-infamous Zombie Road. The Booths and company leave no (grave) stones unturned as they present their cases through a combination of sometimes a bit too flashy original footage and historical content like famous documented photos, recordings, and pictures.

There's truly a lot to take in here including one of the strangest EVPs I've ever heard. Apparently upon getting to their first location, a mass grave of around seven hundred individuals, their sound guy picked up what can only be described as hundreds of voices crying out at once. Whether this be real or fake is squarely on your shoulders to decide, but one thing's for certain; it was pretty fucking effective and guaranteed to give the hairs on the back of your neck quite the rise. There are literally dozens of examples of EVPs and video/photo evidence presented that will make you question your own personal beliefs.

As entertaining as this film is, I must say it's also very sad. The death of a child, be it natural or unnatural, is never pleasant. In one instance an EVP of a little girl was recorded when someone was placing a teddy bear on the child's grave. A faint voice can clearly be heard saying, "I want to hold". That's just heartbreaking, man. For the most part the Booths handle this material well, as they know it can be a bummer and unsettling, but there are other times when things seem too theatrical to be taken seriously.

Sometimes the original footage is just too slick and polished, thus creating a bit of an uneven tone throughout Children of the Grave's runtime. Quick, glossy editing doesn't exactly pair with raw video footage well, but what really took me out of it? The onscreen text. Every single sentence or description we read off of the TV ends with an exclamation point, giving the impression that you're reading an old Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book instead of enjoying a serious piece of non-fiction. Don't let that dissuade you though. If you look past these minor annoyances, there's one hell of an experience to be had.

As for the DVD the only supplemental material to be found here is a series of still galleries that range in content from the usual behind-the-scenes stuff to some really insane spirit photography. Not a lot of meat, but the kicker is that there is some extra footage included within this release that did not air when it originally ran on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Children of the Grave may not be too unique when it comes to delivering a documentary on the paranormal, but the one thing that sets it apart from the herd is the sheer number of examples of evidence that is presented to the viewer in rapid fire succession. Whether or not you're a hardcore skeptic or an outright believer, this film will leave you doing two things ... thinking and discussing. That's always the sign of a job well done. Don't forget to leave a light on!

Children of the Grave Ghosts Spooked TV The Booth Brothers

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Keith Age, Troy Taylor, John Zaffis, Rosemary Guiley

Directed by The Booth Brothers

Distributed by Spooked Television Releasing

Children Of The Grave misc forum reviews

I was frightened, especially with the shadow people. If you haven't seen it, you must!


This docu-drama is a MUST SEE! The Booth Brothers did a fantastic job shooting this film and assembling an amazing cast of ghost enthusiasts.


I can't wait to watch the special again. I really like spooked and real ghosts. You all did a great job. It would be great if
you have a regular show on SciFi channel.


Children Of The Grave was on the Sci-fi channel last night and had some interesting and creepy material last night.
In the early twentieth century children were kept in orphanages that were often called asylums and were even called inmates. They were the unwanted children of society. The children were often known by a number and not allowed to have their own name. As if things were bad enough, hundreds of children were killed through contaminated or possibly purposefully poisoned milk with chemicals such as formaldehyde. And that wasn't sad enough. Hundreds of children were buried in mass graves and never identified. And now their restless souls are condemned to wander the grounds for eternity because they hadn't been saved. What was creepy about it was the EVP, or electronic voice phenomena that they had captured. EVP is essentially a piece of noise that is inaudible to the human hearing range that is caught on tape. The second most prominent story was a place called Zombie Road that was along the Merrimac river. Along the road dozens of people had died due to accidents. others died to Satanic activity in the area. The woods and road around that area are known for being haunted by shadow people, and the showed one particular photo of roughly ten or so shadow children being shown in the trees. This phenomena was captured on film as well. It's kind of sad to think that these souls will never be saved and be forced to wander for all eternity. For those who've never heard of shadow people, what they are is paranormal manifestations of demons in the form of a black mass or a shadow.


The clips on the children in the orphanages were so sad. True or not, regarding the "paranormal"...my heart broke to think how unloved, unwanted and unimportant they must have felt. How scared...especially the ones that "Jeff" was supposed to have "hurt" in that upstairs room. Wow and then the mother's who gave their children milk thinking they were providing for them but really unknowingly poisioning them! The mass grave clip was heart breaking too!

I think the Zombie Road clip was kinda off though. I mean they said there were modern day Satanic acts there..so DUH what did they think they would find there.


I have to admit that this was one of the best shows on the subject of the paranormal...It was the first time I've been creeped out and sad over a show ment to be creepy.


i watched this episode. and cried. to think about what happened to all of these children. from abuse to neglect to molestation and rape. hearing about one little girl who's hand was forced to touch a hot stove burner. and watching this episode reminded me of my father. he did not live in an orphanage, but worse...a native american boarding school. he still to this day wont tell me much about what happened there. but to see him get emotional and....well...you get the idea. and its not just orphanages and boarding schools. america is filt with unmarked graves of children. probably thousands no one even knows about and forgotten.


those testimonials are just chilling.. How awful is that..In a Catholic church school no less. Just horrendous abuse of innocent children. Very very sad.. I am just sick.


Children of the Grave
May 8, 2008

Since last night there was no new episode of Ghost Hunters I thought I would check out what was on instead well I stayed and watched Children of the Grave.

It is a two hour documentary that explores the terrifying phenomena of hauntings by dead children and demon infested orphanages.

The history was so sad to see how so many children were abused and neglected and murdered. There were times as I sat and watched this that I just cried as they went through the history of these places.

These poor children were buried in unmarked graves just numbers the children no one wanted. Some children were even in mass graves as a cover up since many were feed milk with formaldehyde.

Some of the EVP's they collected freaked me out while others were sad to listen to ... these poor lost children who in life were treated like shit my heart is heavy with sadness these children never deserved the pain they received hell no child does.

The documentary is by the Booth Brothers (Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, as seen on the Sci-Fi Channel) there is a myspace page also:


Wednesday night, my daughter and I were watching Ghost Hunters and after that, we saw they were going to show a feature called, Children Of The Grave. They featured Crown Hill Cemetary here in Indianapolis and the abandoned Childrens Orphanage. The Orphanage was built back in 1870 and closed down in 1922. It was first named The Indianapolis Asylum For Friendless Colored Children. But later was renamed The Indianapolis Orphanage For Children. The documentary was run by a team of paranormal investigators lead by the well renown paranormal investigator and demonologist, John Zaffis. The Indianapolis Historical Society asked if they would like to come to Indianapolis and investigate Crown Hill Cemetary and the Abandoned Orphanage. They did a piece on Crown Hill and later did a full feature of the orphanage.

The investigators went inside the orphanage and collected quite a few pictures and EVP's. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term EVP, it stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon.
They captured some of the strangest EVP's and pictures anyone has ever seen. In knowing about this place, I would love to go and investigate those 2 areas. We've been to Crown Hill and have captured some noises but that was about it. If we do go to the orphanage, we will need to be prepared for just about anything. Children Of The Grave is worth watching and I recommend watching it when they show it again.

by Dragonlord

Well I watched this last night and the pictures of the shadow children in the forest freaked me out.  Also all the stuff that they caught on Zombie Road.  Wow!  Spirits of children always get to me anyway.  It is so sad.  What did you guys think?

i saw the show last night, thought it was amazing.  i don't live to far from Zombie Road.  Out here that is not the best place to be, even if you are hunting for ghosts.  my mom whos a nurse has a friend she works with, and her child was killed on the train tracks, and she also knows other people who have lost children and family out there.  i past it maybe two times, but hearing how haunted and how dangerous it is with the santanic rituals they do out there killing humans for sacrafice, as well as animals scares me.  st louis is pretty haunted city within its self.  i got several stories i can say.  but when i have past zombie road i have gotten feelings i been being watched, and followed when there was no other car next to us or behind us or in front of us.. it felt of an extremly eerie cold feeling, that don't come in here or else.... those feelings you pick up are not fun!


I also watch it and I thought it was so sad.  All of them children.  Today its not as bad as it was back then when they were in oraphanises(spelling) but there are bad foster parents today also.  I have two adopted girls and the stories the oldest tells me, Its sad because we still have a awful lot of children that need homes today. I think its so sad that for some reason they havent seen the light, my belief is, children are so innocent so why do they suffer so. 


I saw Children of the Grave right after Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel.It was really good,I liked the part about the shadows in the woods showing up on photos.


Well, I finally watched this Booth Brothers documentary. It was something to see. I don't know if I believe all of it, but can't seem to make myself disbelieve it either. Child abuse in the early 1900's seemed far worse than today. Now people are aware and children are for the most part protected. The stories of abuse and neglect was bone chilling. I don't know if this has been posted already. If so, I'm sorry to post it agian. I would like to hear what you all think of this movie, and the Booth brothers. The investigators seemed to be on the level.







Children Of the Grave ,The Kids are alright

"I watched Children of the Grave a few weeks ago, very entertaining. I like “the kids are alright” reference in your bulletin. I would suggest “If the kids were united” but Sham 69 is probably a bit obscure for an American audience."






Children Of the Grave Are you scared yet you should be this is the real deal.

There was a two hour special on the SciFi channel called "Children of the Grave" last night. Basically, it's a documentary that records the hauntings of places where reported sightings of ghostly children still roam (orphanages, schools, etc.) I remember the paranormal researchers went to this one place called "Zombie Road" in Missouri. The name is derived from a number a reasons, one being that there's been so many deaths and murders on that road, the place is said to be infested with "zombies" that rise from the dead. I would look it up on Google. The place has a very VERY eerie history. Anyways. I wanted to share with you all some pictures that were on the documentary. These are "shadow people" that were found along the paths. Having a hard time believing those photos. I thought at first they were recreated photos. But they're not. The one with the group of them on the hill is very eerie though.


those pictures are extremely creepy I went to the link you posted and I want to ask others to look also because I swear that one picture of the one on the bridge got bigger in front of my eyes that scared me I left the link page,sees let me know if any one else sees it like I did...creeped out for the night....


From what I saw, heard and read, everything is genuine. The photo of all the children is NOT fake because more than one team got the same images. The black mass is something I have seen before, so to me I feel its authentic. The Zombie excursion was pretty amazing, and you could feel they were leading up to something but no clue what. The outcome was amazing, and there were so many of them up there. There were hundreds of dead animals, and it showed clips of I believe it was 1984 of finding dead babies and people. That is one place I wouldn't go for all the tea in China LOL..They narrated a lot, and explained how it couldn't be fake or a camera issue etc. I am not naive enough to believe everything, but I would say for the most part, GENUINE..JMO..JN

i don't think they are fake at all, they look genuine, as JN stated that more teams got some similar like results, plus the way some of there pictures of orbs moving, emitting there own light and the way they-are moving, I'm believing this to be Genuine photo graphs and EVP's of zombie Road, i would like to visit this place, think i'll take a road trip there some time to check it out even for myself with some friends of mine.


If this zombie road is like the road that goes into the bog where all of the bog-creepers(shadow people) here where I live, I would say that these photo's are real. The terrain there in Missouri looks like the terrain here in Kentucky where I live. I am preparing a thread on the bog-creeper and do not feel the need to talk much about shadow people today but I will say that I watched the film and it could be fake, but coincidence tells me that it's as real as it can be.


One quick last note ... I hooked up a audio amplifier and a phone coil so that electromagnetic frequencies are transmitted back as sounds and went to the bog for the first time with it last year. Lets just say that the place just is not right. Orbs, bog-creepers and even reports of times-lips ... very trippy place.


If anyone missed it on sci-fi, I recommend buying it because they couldn't fit the entire 2-hr dvd into 2 hours of tv. The dvd is uncut & definitely worth owning. Zombie road looked like a really creepy place, specially with that pic they got.


I don't think it would be so hard to believe that paranormal activity goes on up there. Because there were so many bizarre deaths there, the place undoubtedly has a lot of negative energy. I think the pictures are real, but even if they weren't, they still scare the bejeezus out of me. I'm always up for a good scary picture!

I was kinda bummed the other night when TAPS wasn't on, but then realized that it was another documentary from Spooked and had to watch. I give them credit, they do a lot of research on the places that they go to. I don't know it any of you have seen the one they did on Waverly Hills, it was awesome as well. I'm not the kind of person to believe everything either, but you have to admit that Zombie Road is very creepy.


o you know where in Missouri Zombie Road is located? We could get a Midwest group to meet there and see for ourselves if these are genuine or not. They are some pretty cool photos that is for sure. They almost look too good to be true, but seeing is believing! Anyone interested in a road trip?


I saw that special. I love that picture with all the shadows on the hill. It creeped me out when I first saw it on that show. I didn't think it was real (meaning I thought it was a picture created for the special) until I looked it up later.


Well, you can be with me on the skeptic part, but no way am I going there...I might be skeptical, but I'm also a scared cat...LOL


what I saw on the show and here, I think its real plus as I said, it was taken by more than one investigator. They don't cast a shadow, so things that make ya go "hmmmmmmmmmmm


I know. The cop was a little camera shy and strange, but he certainly made it clear as to the dangers involved. I was on the edge of my seat as I waited to see what they would run into up there.


That cop made me laugh cause he acted so strange, secretive but funny. The one with the shadows was strange for sure, but as we know, more than one investigator got the same kind of shot. They were different sizes and shapes, but I don't know that much about thermals..I would go up there, during the day with about 400 other people, other than that, too skeery for my liking. I really liked the EVP's but they were too disturbing due to the fact they were children's voices, and screams. Would you ever go there with your team?


I taped the show and just watched it last night. I actually just taped it because it was on after ghost hunters. I had no idea that zombie road was on it. I first walked Zombie road back in 94. Stupidly, I was 16 and went with some guy afterwork that I barely knew. It was still daylight when we started. It didn't feel creepy at all at first. There were some beer cans and stuff on the road, so you could tell people partied there. The closer we got to the railroad tracks the scarier it got. I felt like we were being watched and could hear what sounded like drumming in the distance. Like native drumming. There were also some weird red lights in the woods. Very small faint lights. But there is a road close by and houses in the distance. It's not totally in the middle of nowhere, so there definitely could have been an explanation. I never went as far as they did. They went over a bridge. It's a really far walk if you go that far. None the less, I couldn't wait to get off that road that night.


On the show the ex cop they talked too said to take guns, ever the towns people were making noise to scare them...


This place sounds incredibly awesome. Living in the Chicago-land area, a trip to MO wouldn't be terribly far or long. I'm definitely interested in checking this place out this summer. Those pics on the website, although some (not all) look really fake, are creepy and interesting to say the least. To personally catch something like that on film would be a dream come true.


Yes, creepy place is missouri. I watched a special on the children who died there. They call them shadow people now. there is also a dvd out called children of the grave. I actually got creeped out a bit watching all of the footage, it will definitely make you a believer. You can google "ZOMBIE ROAD" and they have all sorts of information there. That's where I saw your question. I am intrigued with scary stuff and this place is as scary as they come. let's go, ya wanna? Is there a specific reason that you have a interest in this place? Are you writing a paper. I'm curious.


CAUSE THIS AIN'T SCARE TACTICS..... this is for real !!!!!!

Courtesy of http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com forum

What Nightmares Are Made Of, Children Of The Grave by Coed magazine

Holy crap! Apparently there’s a new “horror documentary” from the Sci-Fi channel and the creators of “Spooked,” available now on DVD. At first, I thought it was another Blair Witch, but no. It’s real. And it scares the crap out of me.
Woods with adult ghosts are creepy enough. This one’s filled with a city’s-worth of dead orphans. Yes, orphans. Watch this trailer, and you’ll be soiling your trousers right along with me in no time.


Children Of the Grave the evidence is so shocking, it will give you the chills

Children Of the Grave by sweetbreez
I watched this program special on SciFi a week ago with ghost paranormal researchers, John Zaffi's, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and Troy Taylor.  

The three places that they search out and explore are what they call Hell's Orphans, an abandoned sanitarium orphanage in which audio of young children are still picked up at. They also discover an horrific truth about milk in the early 1900's that caused many children to die. Most of the Hell's Orphans segment is a background information segment and sets up the rest of the documentary. You get to see what types of hellish conditions these children went through and start to understand why they might be so lost and confused.

The team also explores the Pythian Castle in Missouri which was an orphanage until the US military took it over in 1942 for a Nazi POW camp. They uncover the tragedies that unfolded here such as possible child molestation and discover some left over energy from the intense interrogations that took place in this location.
During the Tower Room tour of the investigation, they go as far to mention the name of a male presence on the property that has been reported to have been a maintenance worker who molested orphans. When they are about to speak his name, several motion detectors that were set up by the investigators go off and an EVP is recorded that appears to say "The Bastards!"
The team then sets out to explore the basement and tunnel areas and captures what they believed to be an evil presence moving towards them and causing a rapping on the inactive pipes. (By inactive, I mean that they are just sections of pipes cut off on both ends) The evidence from this is truly riveting!

The last locale on your journey with Keith Age and the Paranormal Task Force is the Zombie Road in Missouri. This is what really starts to draw the viewers into the documentary. Near St. Louis, MO, the "Zombie Road" is a stretch of dirt road that many consider to be haunted. Local law enforcement has found animal sacrifices from satanic rituals in abandoned structures due to this reputation. But the truth is that it does actually appear to be haunted!

The history of Zombie Road is quite an interesting one that dates as far back to the Native Americans of the area. The river that runs along the dirt road was named by the natives as "The River of Death" because many had died in the river from doubting it's deep pockets and strong currents. It appears that the river deceives anyone that thinks they can swim or cross it. As many as 35 deaths had been officially reported in the area in the last century! (And some were children.)
Many reports come out of Zombie Road of what appears to be Shadow People or Shadow Masses. What is so interesting about this documentary is that they appear to capture evidence of shadow masses. It was originally a photo of the shadow children in the woods that sparked the idea for this venture to Zombie Road.

The original shadow children photo that sparked the journey to Zombie Road.  The number of stories from this one spot is truly amazing and the evidence on video and photographic that the team provides is excellent. At one point, they set up a laser grid on the bridge and notice that the temperature is dropping, which is a sign of the shadow masses approaching, and you actually get to see the laser grid cut out by what appears to be legs several times over. It is at this point that Keith Age mentions that "...these are not just shadows. They appear to have some sort of mass behind them!"

Overall, I thought this documentary took a new approach to the field which was nice. There are so many television shows out there trying to reproduce the formula that SciFi's Ghost Hunters has been successful with.

The bone chilling evidence of young spirits that is caught is remarkable and will have you believing that sometimes places do hold unseen residents.

I would highly recommend this documentary for anyone who is looking at understanding ghosts or just wanting a good scare because the evidence is so shocking, it will give you the chills!

by sweetbreez

Courtesy of http://www.anybodythere.net


Children Of The Grave more Sci Fi Channel reviews

"Children of the Grave" was awesome sad to know what happened to the Children back in the days. Thank you for bring the truth.


Hi guys I watched Children of the Grave the other day for the first time. It really moved me. So much that I had to post a blog about it to let others know. I have gotten a lot of comments from it and e-mails from people who have seen it or want to see it. I really think what ya'll are doing is great making people aware of things out there. I am the founder/Director of the group T.R.I.P.- Texas Researchers anad Investigators of Paranormal We need more shows like yours that are touching. I just wanted to say thank you. I also started a web site and I have a forum on there I just started earlier this month so people could talk about the paranormal and I just posted the blog on there. under the tv shows and movies part. I have had many people ask me where to purchase the DVD I was wondering if you have the direct link to were people order them is it just www. childrenofthegrave. com? I hope you guys contiue making films- I have trully ecome a big fan!thank you for your time,

Melissa/Founder and Director of T.R.I.P.

a Booth Brothers Horror Documentary the other day. In it they explore haunted orphanages and asylums. They also talk about other paranormal case files. They talked a lot about unmarked graves.  They shared video footage, pictures as well as EVP's. They talked about the 699 orphans all buried together in one grave at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis. How a lot of the orphan's were given numbers to go by instead of names. It's really sad to think of all that. But what really got me was all the EVP's of children and baby's crying. I mean we are supposed to help these lost spirits cross over. How do you help a baby cross over? If what they say is true that when you pass you are at the same age and state of mine you are when you left. So, if you were to tell a baby to cross over they wouldn't understand you. I would like to think that maybe another spirit would be able to carry that spirit across and not have them lost here forever. I have gotten an EVP of a child's voice before and I still think about it all the time. I want to go back to the source of where I got it. I feel I need to do more to help.


This documentry is soo freaky and I love it!! I am so going to hunt for ghost!!!
~*Crazy Punk Chick 85!*~

hey i wanna see this documentary so bad my mother said it wasthe best i myself is in the ghost hunting with my brother and mother

Hello! My name is Morgan and I am Founder of Massachusetts Spirit Search. I caught your show & I must say Bravo! Not many things make me tear up.




I saw 'Children of the Grave' on Sci Fi and it was a masterfully produced documentary, well researched and edited!

The show was FANTASTIC!

I thought the show was great. Zombie Road creeps me out! It seems so - evil. I don't know if I would ever have the nerve to visit it!


That was a great show last night. I am glad to have seen it !!


Great show last night... Eye opening and informative, THANKS GUYS !!!
Dan NYGHT Paranormal

I saw "Children of the Grave" yesterday, excellent production quality and saw familiar faces as well. Being a father of a little one, I was also sadden by this as well.

Posted by Norm Gagnon - S.E.A.R.C.H

I watched it tonight, from 9 to 11. All those orphan children that are dead.I was in tears when I watch it.

Posted by TAPS FAN

Just finished watching the show it was very interesting. Would love to have checked out Zmobie road. I have read alot about it and to see others interested in it too is amazing. I wondered alot if the pics were fake but from what the guys from the show got I must say I believe it now. Great job. Makes you wonder about other places like the ones you showed and the kids that are there that was forgotten. Thanks for the show.

Posted by sharon

Love your new Children of the Grave DVD. We met Keith at GS6 last weekend.


"I finally saw "Children of the Grave" (Tivo'd). It was amazing! You did a great job, you should be very proud!"


i saw it and will purchase it also. it really opened my eyes to both the physical world and the spiritual world of these lost children. it pissed me off to hear that this even happened and still does. i have a ten year old son and just can't image anyone doing these horrible things

Posted by wicked cub

I really enjoyed your DVD :"Children of The Grave" Keep up the good work and let's be careful out there!!!



Children Of The Grave Soundtrack

i just watched your documentary of “children of the grave” on the scifi channel and i was wondering where i would be able to get the soundtrack of it because it is really good. thank you so much for allowing us to watch it. …


SPOOKED TV Customer Service Reviews Ordering On Line

I just wanted to let you know I recieved the DVD on fast. Thank you so much for you attention and quick action in this matter. You have my respect and grattitude for your promptness and courtesy.


Just wanted to say thanks. I ordered the duo of Spooked and Children of the Grave and got them the next day. That was amazing! Thank you so much. They're great dvd's!


My parents had watched the movie on SciFi and raved about it which is why we wanted to purchase it. Thanks for addressing the issue we will continue to tell our friends about your website and movies/documentaries.

Hi!! I ordered both Children of the grave and Waverly as a duo pack and I LOVE IT!! Received it last Tuesday and Im enjoying both alot!! Thanks for making them. I look forward to the Possessed DVD!!


I still get chills just thinking about it. That is an amazing EVP. I have now watched "Children of the Grave" 3 times. Two of the scenes really get to me:

1. The "I wanna hold" - EVP
2. The scene where one of the surviving orphans gets her Raggedy Ann doll.

I have now watched "Spooked", twice. This is also a great DVD. I am a history nut, so I appreciated the historical background information. I think this is an important aspect to doing investigations because it gives you a view into who you might be encountering paranormally. Please keep me posted on future events, DVD's, Lectures, etc.

Bat Girl


Children Of The Grave comments

you guys are awesome. . loved spooked and children of the grave


Absolutely love your movies & Doc's . Keep rockin guys!


amazing movie i love it ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I watched Children of the grave on scifi and the pic of the shadow children was amazing. is there a place or site that i can buy a copy of it? i would love to have it. thank you.


I watched this last week....was very moved by it. I'm concerned about these lost children.

Is anyone trying to help them move on?

I hate the thought of children lost and alone in the spirit world out in the cold dark forest and asylums.

There should be a mass comglomeration of people trying to help these children.

We should gather a bunch of priests and holy people and go over there and help the children go to where they need to be with God and finally get the love they so deserve and didnt get in life.


this is probably the best documentary i have seen in a long time. my sister, niece, mother, and i all have a very strong interest in the paranormal, and this brought tears to my eyes and chills down my spine. we are going to The Myrtles Plantation (have 5 rooms booked) and am looking forward to what we might come across there. please continue to bring light to this subject. thank you for all your wonderful work.


"This documentry was the most amazing film I've seen in a long time. Thank you for giving it to us."


Wow! What wonderful service!



Children Of The Grave Great

The other night I watched the documentary 'Children of the Grave'. I have never heard of it and by chance caught it on Sci - Fi. Well I can tell you now that I feel vindicated in my opinion that there is spirit activity in cemeteries! The film centers on, among other things, a cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana. Four turn of the century orphanages buried approximately 700 children in four mass graves. No names, just numbers. This team caught images and evp's of the spirits of these children.

I am of the opinion that there is allot of spirit activity in cemeteries. I have been told that experts agree that there is little spirit activity in a cemetery since a spirit will go where it was happiest. Well, you have these respected paranormal investigators/researchers who are saying that there is activity in a cemetery! I believe that a spirit is going to stay close to it's body no matter what stage of repose it is in. Some are confused and don't know where to go. Others want to visit with those who visit them. It is a community, a community of spirits. I have been lucky enough to catch some images and evp's in a couple cemeteries.

Spirits can be in more then one place because there is no concept of time or space as we know it. Spirits have feelings and emotions. I am talking about real spirits and not reciprocal images. They are lonely. Many don't know what happened to them and don't realize that they have passed on.  They try to connect with us more then we try to connect with them.  How many times have you had the feeling that someone is watching you when there is no one there?

Turn of the century orphanages were terrible places. So many kids and not enough space or love to go around. It worsened with the depression. These poor souls were beaten, malnourished and left to fend for themselves. They were abused and for the most part, nameless. Children are going to stay in the cemetery as this film points out. It is their community. It is like a school yard where children play. I blogged about a building in New England that I worked at. It was an old orphanage refurbished. I called it 'little boy ghost'. I am going to repost that blog.

I visited a couple cemeteries with Sean and Jim. Jim freaked in the one. He is very sensitive. He was overcome by feelings of despair and sadness. Jim was standing in a section of this cemetery that had many children's graves in it. He said he could hear many voices whispering in his ears. This film pointed out that like children do, when an adult enters a group, they all try to get that persons attention. It is no different in the spirit world. Sean and I took pictures and did some recordings. We got allot of orbs and some nice evp's. The evp's where Jim was standing however were static and gibberish. I discounted them. After seeing this film and watching how the audio tech better analyzed the recordings has me thinking that I should do the same. I am going to go over those recordings again and slow them down. Maybe I have something more then originally thought.

Another segment of the show deals with a road near St. Louis, Mo. They call it Zombie Road and allot of activity has been captured there. Well I have to tell you guys - guys that were there - my hat is off to you! Just by watching it I could tell that this place is evil! There is evil all around there. You will never catch me walking down those tracks no matter how many people were with me or how bright the sun was! Again, I commend you!

If you haven't seen this documentary, try to. It is great.



Children of the Grave, mmesmerising, fascinating, and yet touching documentary.

Saint, I watched the airing of Children of the Grave last night on SciFi. I must say that it was the most mesmerising, fascinating, and yet touching documentary. I was shocked at the atrocities, as I'm sure you were, commited on the children of a bygone era. Yet it paralells even todays modern conditions where still people exist as nothing more than numbers. Especially the mentally ill. I am sure you have heard of Danvers Mental Health Institute in Massachusets. It closed down in 1985 and has remained abandoned since. Many inhumanities were commited there against the patients and had many archaic practices. Like those forgotten children of that past era. Many of mentally ill that were there were John or Jane Does, or simply forgotten by family members too ashamed to face them. There is a on sight grave yard where many of the former patients were interred and given simply numbers. I wonder if you are considering on continuing with such sucessfull documentaries and this could possibly be a future location covered in one of them? I think you would have a most interesting presentation.



Children Of The Grave scared the living crap out of me

I just wanted to tell you that you have scared the living crap out of me. I recorded it on my DVR from Wednesday night/Sci-Fi channel because it was too scary to watch at night (according to my husband). It's been 2 days and I still haven't been able to watch the whole thing from beginning to end-I keep on stopping it because it's so upsetting (I'm a mom of 5 and nana of 4). I normally NEVER, EVER listen to EVP's, but the ones you have are so relevant to your documentary that I have tried to sit still through them without putting the tv on mute. I could go on and on....but all of you have done a fantastic job with this subject. If you have succeeded in scaring the shit out of my husband, that's saying a lot!
I wish you guys had a regular show on tv...so much scarier and thought provoking than Jason Hawes and his arrogant behavior every week! Thanks again and will search the web for more of your ghost stuff!



SPOOKED TV NEWS: Zombie Road Children Of The Grave

SPOOKED TV NEWS: Zombie Road Children Of The Grave


Children Of The Grave Sci Fi Channel comments

SciFi Channel/NBC Universal - Children of the Grave



This was just amazing and moving I watched it last night and never have I ever felt that way watching any other ghost show on the sci fi channel So disturbing spiritualy.


I viewed your documentary last evening and wanted to let you know how beautifully done it was.  Our whole family was spellbound.  I have also experienced shadow people and know that what I saw was real.  Your program clinched that for me.  I was not hallucinating. 

Hats off to you both for the great work that you do. I love your style and the way that your present it to your audience. I watched Children Of The Grave last night. Loved every minute of it! The evidence that you captured is some of the best out there that I have seen to date. It was also nice to see your team go out collecting this evidence in a professional manner while respecting all the lost souls you encountered along the way. The work that you do gives credibility to people like me who for years were told "nothing is there, you are seeing things"


i saw the movie on sci fi and loved it very awsome and informative =) keep up the good work


I am also on the IAH site under _Kat_ and would be honored to have you as a friend!! Very Impressive!!


I want to be a ghost hunter and this is one of the many things that interested me in.


Thanks!! Yeah I ordered the Waverly Hills and the Children of the Grave as a Duo...great price for both!! Hoping to get it by Tuesday. I find your Documentaries very informative, and riveting. Thank you for making these vital documentaries by the way...Let me know if your ever in the mood to let folks watch the shooting of these. Id LOVE to be there!! Thanks again. ~* Kat *~"

Hi Guys, Wonderful show last night on SciFi Channel. Please add us to your list of friends. We would love to stay informed of your work. Thanks!


Hi guys,


Watched the show last night about Zombie Road and all those poor children.

I've never seen anything so sad in my life. For them to be trapped here like that shows that hell is here for some.

So, I really enjoyed it. What are you going to do about helping the children to cross over? Do you-all do that?

Hope to see more shows from your group.



I watched the movie this past wed. Great! Just Great! I am in Maryland and have been a sensitive for over 25 years. The kind of work that you guys do is really good to allow others to see that there are spirits among us and that they are really the ones suffering.

Hope to see more. Let me know if you ever plan on doing any work in Maryland...I would love to join you on a hunt here in town.


I taped the movie on SciFi last night and watched it today. It freaked me out. I was born and raised in Missouri. I am a big history buff and I did not know about any of that. I do believe in ghosts and the history that you put in with the ghost stories and stuff made things even more interesting. I may just have to buy it and add it to my collection.


Loved "Children of the Grave" that aired last night. I just bought the DVD! Anything else in the works?

cool man

"I watched part of this and I am very interested in this documentary. Where could I buy this at??


Hey guys. I saw your video on Sci - Fi (Children of the Grave). I would like to talk to you guys. Mick

To whom it concern I just saw children of the grave
just last night very sad & spooky, I live in Atlanta  Ga


OH and make a new film so I have something to get excited about watching, will ya? Yours was the first in ages that isn't the same old thing. You rock


Children of the Grave RAWKED! Hell, YOU guys RAWK!

~ Audrey"

National Paranormal Society would like to thank you for your dedication to bringing much needed light in the world of the Supernatural that has been for far to long left in the dark do to fear and misunderstanding.
Your Documentary “ Children of the Grave” is an inspiration to all Paranormal teams in the world today to help these lost souls get to where they belong, NPS looks forward to your next project “ The Possessed” for October 2008 of this year, we are sure it will be just as amazing as all the other “Scare-a-mentary’s” that you have worked on in the past.

National Paranormal Society

Loved Children Of The Grave!!!! Great job!


Love your stuff! Can't wait for the next one!


"The best documentary I've seen yet! Seriously blew me away and changed the way I view things! Thanks!"


I saw the show the other night and I am still talking about it. I like to do investigations in cemeteries. Allot of people tell me I'm nuts because spirits aren't going to hang around a cemetery. Thanks for validating my opinion!

That Zombie Road just looks plain evil to me. I don't think I would ever have the nerve to walk it.

Keep up the good work guys and thanks for letting me a friend.


"Children of the Grave was VERY good! Congratulations on a job well done!


LOVED Children of the Grave last night!!


Just finished Children of the Grave. It was so compelling! The pain those children must have faced! You guys did an amazing job!! Peace and Love. .

Kind hear

I appreciate everything you do for the paranormal community.
Great job on "Children of the Grave"

Brian/Founder and Lead Investigator
www. opticparanormal. com"

I saw your show Childern of the Grave last night. I thought it was a great show with some really good investigations. I have been an follower of the TAPS show and have been thinking about trying my hand at some of the places here in S.C. The one thing I would have to say that I would of like to of seen is a little less acting ( the children ) not the investigators. The show was great, the facts were good, and the old photo's of the children was wonderful. I really did like the way the children was put over the shadow people in the photo on Zombie rd. It gave you kind of the feeling the even though they are shadows that at one
time they were living children. I would really like to see more investigations

Take care

i saw this last night and i have to say it was the scariest things i have seen EVER. I was actually sweating watching it.


Great T.V. Show. . .
Educa tion with a Freak y Haunt ed Twist . . .
The portion of the show that discussed the Shado wpeop le. .
"Wow. . simply incredible ! ! "

Awesome Amy from the Dark Show

"I stayed up and watched the whole thing. It's really scarry of what these kids had to go through. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Well you guys are always coming up with something new and do a really great job.

Honey Babe

Children Of The Grave !
It Rocked! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Great job as alway s guys! ! !


Children Of The Grave !
Loved it guys! !


"Very impressive work! We enjoyed it very much, will be ordering it, and can hardly wait for more!




Great Show. I tell you I am a big Ghost Hunter fan.. But your show had me on the edge of my seat.. No other ghost show I have ever had me like that... Again Great Show look foward to seeing more..


What a great showing. Such a different view by The Booth Brothers. I applaud this and again this is one step forward for the paranormal community. Keith did an awesome job as well.
Can't wait to see the next series.

Optic Paranormal"

WOW! Compliments on quit a compelling piece, I am watching it now... how heart wrenching, I wish so much I could reach out and welcome such spirits into my life and home, keep up the good work!


Awesome show. That was pretty awesome show tonight! creepy as hell though got me going all paranoid now lol so is there anymore shows like that coming?!! that was awesome i want to see more! i love paranormal stuff.


Children of the grave's soundtrack

hey there,

i just watched your documentary of "children of the grave" on the scifi channel and i was wondering where i would be able to get the soundtrack of it because it is really good. thank you so much for allowing us to watch it.
it is a great documentary.


children of the grave, wicked but sad


I really am thunderstruck with the document I saw tonight.   thank you for a real insight into the abandoned children of yesteryear and their plight today.    

I loved your movie tonight, "Children of the Grave" It was amazing!! Well I hope you do come out this way and do an investigation on Indian Springs.

I actually bought a copy of Children of the Grave at the OmegaCon 2008. It is absolutely fabulous! Any parent will be emotionally tied to the documentary. I will definitely watch this again!

Just finished watching the show it was very interesting. Would love to have checked out Zmobie road. I have read alot about it and to see others interested in it too is amazing. I wondered alot if the pics were fake but from what the guys from the show got I must say I believe it now. Great job. Makes you wonder about other places like the ones you showed and the kids that are there that was forgotten. Thanks for the show.

I watched it tonight, from 9 to 11. All those orphan children that are dead.I was in tears when I watch it.



BRAVO! As a paranormal investigator of 30 years, I just want to say your show rocked. It was different, heart wrenching, scary, and so well done. I think it is one of the best paranormal documentaries I have seen in years and I applaud you!

PPP/Hostile Haunts Investigators

Awesome! Love the show children of the grave
one of the best Paranormal Docs Me and My Wife
Has seen Keep up the great work

Patrick Webb Founder Of All Things Paranormal

I just heard your musick in Children of the Grave and fell in love with the intro song. . . Beautiful musick!

Lady Kele-De

"I am watching Children of the Grave right now! I'm lovin it!!"

dab tsog

i just watched the airing of "Children of the Grave" on the scifi channel and i have to say that it was the best paranormal documentary that i have watched. but there is one thing that i want to know about. where can i find the soundtrack because i really liked the music.

thank you so much
can't wait for any other films you might have


I watched your spot on Sci Fi... impressed with you and your partners,integrity and authenticity... I feel sceptical of most everyone in the industry,but your group was so comforting,truly "the Lynard Skynard of the ghost hunting realm"


I just finished watching "Children Of The Grave." (I was disappointed there wasn't a Black Sabbath soundtrack ... but, whatever.) That was some good stuff, man. It was highly entertaining and thought-provoking. Y'know, there was plenty of footage that gives a skeptic something to think about.


Your dvd "Children Of The Grave" rocks!


i was so excited to watch this on the sci-fi channel! it freaked me out!!




i just saw the movie on sci-fi last night and i loved it


I watched the Sci-Fi version last night and was absolutely, completely, 100% impressed


That was a crazy show!!!-- Crazy but really good!!

P. Y. T.

Loved the show


awesome movie!. . it gave me nightmares!


I usually look forward to the new Ghost Hunters at 9 on Wednesdays, but this was a great replacement last night. Very interesting.


Saw the show last night. facinating.


I watched the documentary last night. . . it's incredible!


"I really enjoyed your show last night. I am really picky with paranormal documentaries, and I would love to watch yours over and over again!! I sooooo wish I could go to all of those places!! The place closest in comparison I have been to is Waltham mental institution which is now torn down. Hopefully Sci-Fi airs it agian!!"

True Ghost


marie vampire

On the documentary on scifi you kept showing the picture of the shadow children on the ridge, and it had "Children of the Damned" on it, is there a book or a movie about them?


Loved it! I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your film...I watched it on Scifi last night. I felt very sad for what these children went through. I have a question...as you investigated did you (or will you) help these children cross over? I just can't help to think of them trapped.

Great work!!!


omg chris COTG was awesome!!!
I was so upset due to i thought i missed it because of the funeral. When i got home and turned on sci fi and it just came on...i did my little happy dance. One thing that freaked me out...was the two names of the ghosts "Ben & AJ"...my ex husbands name is ben and our son's name is Aj LoL..Anyways...you & philip did very well on this movie..im soooo proud of you guys....keep the movies rolling :)

~christy jean

hey my names crystal i lov this show its great so i was wanderin if u would like to be friends.


Well done , I would love to interview you on P. o. r. t. a. l paranormal talk radio, love to chat about the gatekeeper, maybe spark your interest

Tuesday Miles

"that move was weired and freky. i could not believe that tings like that happend to those kids. i would not let my kid go and be buried as a number. i loved that movie though. keep on making more movies."




I have 2 of your films. Both of which have not only moved me but have struck a cord. I am hoping that I can have some of the experiences you have.


"Children of the Grave". It was truly incredible, believable and so sad. I communicate frequently with spirits on the Other Side, so totally believe in these things.

So glad to read about the DVD and extra footage...I'll be purchasing it soon, and have told friends about it.






Children Of The Grave What is Hot on Sci Fi Channel TV tonight


Children Of The Grave Sci Fi Channel Special Presentation Wednesday May 7 9/8C

Children Of The Grave Sci Fi Channel Special Presentation Wednesday May 7 9/8C. This terrifying documentary explores the phenomena of hauntings by dead children and demon-infested orphanages.From the Producers of " SPOOKED- The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium" WWW.SCIFI.COM -WWW.CHILDRENOFTHEGRAVE.COM