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Love the music, and was absolutely blown away by Children of the Grave. Amazing. Heartbreaking story, but amazing documentary.


Love watching your movies, I saw COTG and Spooked on scifi and I own Death Tunnel on DVD


I loved the show, tell me what was it really like when you guy's were on Zombie Rd. That freaked me out. All the screams and the sounds of the kids, wow, awesome. I really loved the pic's of the "shadow people" especially of the one where it looked like one was comming down the hill torwards you guy's. Where are you guy's going next? You guy's are awesome, much love till next time.


Watching your film was an unbelievable rush!The background work on all of the sites was just facinating,but "Zombie Road"was the best.All my life,I've been drawn to the otherside.I'm a very strange "sensative",more of an animal communicator than people. My son[just turned 30]is very strange,as he acts as a beacon or homing device to the ones left behind.Please keep on filming the Truth.


I really enjoyed this documentary. I loved all the history. What a sad story. I can't believe how disposable children were back then. I also can't believe people got away with murder, abuse, etc.. on these innocents. I would love to go investigate some of the locations.


children of the grave was terrifyingly entertaining. i LOVED it!

April Lyn

Saw "COTG" on the Scifi Channel recently. I have been a "believer" all my life, seeing a lot of crazy stuff, but your film scared the crap out of me!!


I just watched Children of the Grave. By the time it was over, I was bawling. All I wanted to do was crawl through the t.v. and hold these babies and children and love them. How did you do this movie without breaking down? As a mother, I could not imagine such horror being done to such precious gifts as children. It makes you love and protect your kids more.


God I love this documentary. I dunno why, but I was more upset and sad then scared. Shit, I must of cried at least twice when watching this. What freaked me out was the pic of the ghost of the Ramsey girl.


This video is amazing. Your work is outstanding. Hope to see more in the future.


I saw our movie today. Excellent work! Can't wait for more!"


I loved Children of the grave. Looking forward to seeing more.


Loved the documentary. . . think u outdo TAPS.


Unbeleivable. If I wasn't a beleiver before I am now


look forward to the new release,glad to see you still enjoy our english heritige.allthe best in future films..


I am watching "Children of the Grave" and just wanted to let you know that I think it is the best paranormal show / documentary I have seen.


"Saw this several days ago. Having grown up in Spfd, MO and having visited Eureka Springs many, many times it was really quite a thrill to see actual investigations done in a couple of my fav 'haunts'. Thanks for the fun & shivers!


Thank you for Children of the Grave. I watch it today on Sci-Fi while I was at work. I always talk about my experience with spirits and ghosts and some people believe and some don't. Today my co-worker was convinced when she watched children of the grave..My sons and I had many experience in my home. What ever here in my house attacks my youngest son the most. It bothered him sooooo much that he won't sleep upstairs in his bedroom. He sees ghosts and says they walk through the walls. He even told me one night that a man was standing at the foot of my bed. I'm not scared, and I have confronted it several time by praying and reading the Bible. Even when my sister and I was a kid we seen spirits and ghosts. She wont talk about them but I will. I can walk in some house and tell if it's haunted or have spirits. If its a bad spirit I get a funny feeling in my stomach a sick feeling. Even looking at some of the Zombie pictures I got sick to my stomach. So I closed the box. Im very interested in doing this kind or work or working with someone on a project. If its only for one time. Well, keep up the good work and I will be looking for more great things from you..God Bless and I will be praying for you...


I just watched Children of the Grave on SciFi...I wanted my daughter to see it but they haven't got cable. She's a gifted young lady that can see and hear things other people can't. She just joined a paranormal investigation team from where she lives...she goes on her first investigation this weekend (depending on the weather) She's been wanting to do this for quite a while...she is on my top friends (thedarkfey) I enjoyed your documentary very much...and I could all most hear the children crying and feel there pain. It's been awhile since I've worked with the paranormal and I used to be a minister in a Spiritualist church. Thanks for the bulletin and the heads up so that I was able to view the documentary.

love n hugs Gypsy

Just wanted to stop in and say hello and congratulate you on the airing of "Children of the Grave".


hi there, from a random tv viewer -

your bits of COTG were concise, sensible, interesting, and good. lots of sensationalized goofiness in the world of tv paranormal investigating, so it's always pleasing when someone is clear/calm/informative. thanks, and good luck...!

i saw your show on the si-fi channel on tv wensday and thought it was one of the best documentarys out there and yes i am going to get my copy tomorrow.


Watched the show, thought is was great Im glad to see that you focused on the children.


I was astonished when you told me how loud the EVP of the scream at the mass grave was. I still get chills just thinking about it. That is an amazing EVP. I have now watched "Children of the Grave" 3 times. Two of the scenes really get to me:

1. The "I wanna hold" - EVP
2. The scene where one of the surviving orphans gets her Raggedy Ann doll.

I have now watched "Spooked", twice. This is also a great DVD. I am a history nut, so I appreciated the historical background information. I think this is an important aspect to doing investigations because it gives you a view into who you might be encountering paranormally.


COG and Spooked were pretty good..it's going to be hard to top them...


Loved the show and will watch it again!The shadows in the wood unreal!!! I am the Director of Bon Secour Paranormal Investigations and just addmire your work!


i wanted to tell you i watched children of the grave and it was so sad , but also very interesting. you guys are great and did a wonderful job.


hey, im right now whatchin children of the grave!!!! awesome but emotional work! i do have a question, where can i find a picture of jon-bennetts ramseys ghost, ive been searching the net and i cant find it, can u help? please?


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