Children of the Grave: German DVD Review

Over the past century in the United States and Canada thousands of mass graves have remained undiscovered. Graves, and their own sad story. It is the story of children who fall into oblivion
are the children of nowhere mentioned. At least two thirds of these graves are orphans. The identities of most of these children are still unsettled. These children were handed over to state custody, either because their parents or grandparents had died or exactly these people are from unknown reasons no longer care for their children. Some of these children had the good fortune to a loving home. Most of these children had, however, a dark and sad and very eintöniges life.

And in the turmoil of the civil war or the Great Depression and the two world wars were exactly
these poor souls all too often forgotten. But not only that, these orphans were not only forgotten, they were often humiliated and treated like cattle. Many of these children have already died so very young age. Torture, severe penalties, false or no medical treatment influenced the everyday lives of these children. For thousands in mass graves buried, most of those children are not more than a "number". Grave stones, to which only figures are included testimony today in North America from those tragedies from the
old days. These children were mostly savaged during his lifetime and in exceptionally poor condition. And above
after the death of the "Orphanage-Children" (orphans) remained mostly this surface. At most locations,
where the souls of these children still can feel they are literally on the people, to a helping
Hand to find their pain and grief to their defeat.

You are looking for their mothers and fathers, siblings and grandparents in places where the greatest suffering of their young life had to learn, or they do not know that they died and why dwell in the place where they lived as a last resort. In most cases, these children do not know that when searching for their loved ones mostly in the wrong places change. And it is precisely those orphans and the places where these children lived, or where their tragic fate took place, all we want to emphasize in this story. Ghost Hunter Two groups from the United States took with the most sophisticated methods of investigation, this phenomenon.

This is the story: "The children from the grave"

Starting in 1850 were in the United States more than 2 million children until the 1980s, formally known as orphans.
The unreported, however, over 5 million children. Many of the children's fates are still do not understand. Some of these poor souls were simply in the days of the wars against the doors of orphanages. Food, clothing, essential to live was scarce and many of the children were sick. And in those difficult times knew many of the parents or grandparents no other solution more than their children into the hands of the State. The children were mostly on any trains loaded and across the Country, with unknown destination. Just as many children there were also in forests or on the Street lived there and were contrary to their fate.

Most fates of the children lose themselves in the dark. Violence, hatred and misery, were responsible for these children to the agenda, they were treated like prisoners or lepers and without any regard for mercy. Many of the children from orphanages to appear today in the archives of the cities. The exact number of mass graves remains in the dark. Only a small percentage of victims could be assigned to this day, so that these children at least received a name. For all those who are still undetected in the ground to rest, it remains only a Number on their grave stones. Cemeteries, orphanages, lonely forests, over here you can still detect those abandoned souls, which until now tied to their fate, the "Children of the Grave."

The Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis is still one of the largest cemeteries in the United States. By the year 1980,
where 699 children in mass graves buried. 699 unwanted, verstoßene children. Most of the children were white descent, only a small proportion of children was coloured. They came from four different orphanages in Indianapolis. They were then strictly in accordance races, as well as boys and girls separately.

There was even their own entrances into the dining rooms of the orphanages, even here it was all racial, as well as boys and girls separately. Brothers and sisters were mostly on the day when they entered the orphanage last
Time in her life, quickly separated the paths of the children, and they lost from sight. Strange is worth noting that in the period from 1850 to 1950 very many of these unwanted children have a sudden death
died and from 23.9 to 40.1% of the children. It is explained this today so that these children per day to at least half a litre of milk is increased. Allegedly, this puts milk with formaldehyde, leading to severe poisoning have led. Many small children and even babies should be dead.

The mortality rate of children heard from the year 1950 suddenly. However, today is behind levelled at hand it says that in North America so-called "experiments" to at least 100,000 children who have nowhere has been carried out and are still carried out. From drug injections of electric shocks to the long hours of sitting in forced jackets in dark rooms, they were their "treatments".

In the spring of 2006, near Montreal a mass grave found behind a farm. In the Residents there will be only the "pigsty". Hundreds of children's bones were found, so that it is not surprising that the Spukgeschichten to be told here, mostly of crying and sad
Children who are to the people to seek help. Of course, this reference by the Government has still not officially confirmed.

Children, that this so-called "medical treatment" is not subjected wanted to have been insane as short hand stamped and it was subjected to the governments made easy with these children should proceed as they wanted.

There are strong indications that certain chemicals to children by injection. These children were really nowhere, then entledigte one of its quiet and secret way. Because no one would miss these children or search. In 2005 began the Paranormal Task Force, among other well-known members as an author Troy Taylor, Steve La Chance, or Greg Myers belong to the search for the phenomenon of disappearances and spukenden children.

On the above cemetery, the Ghost Hunter overwhelming EVPs. From the crying of a baby, Noise of playing children to sing, it was a eindruckvollste EPP on the apparently the cries of Hundreds of children to hear. Children apparently screaming for help, and the contact with the living. Those recordings and from the zombie Road apply in professional circles as the best but also EVPs, since the votes with the phenomenon worked.

A similar example, the Barton Ville Cemetery in Peoria, Illinois. In this cemetery existed on 4000 grave stones, only with a "number" information. The number stands for each deceased, in an asylum lived. Previously, only those close to 1500 corpses have been identified. The remaining grave stones has, over time, removed and their identities have been deleted. Until today, the Illinois State does not Information about graves and identity of the deceased. Inhuman conditions will be in the House of orphans
Barton Ville confusion. The underground of children under water want to pleased by the supervisors has been used as punishment.

In many letters the children told them that the orphanages rather "concentration camps from hell" was similar.
In one case, even a child with the head in a fire has been pressed. We also heard time and again the voices of children, according to their parents or siblings call, or it will be seen the little children singing or dancing through the rooms geistern, and then suddenly disappear again without leaving a trace. Allegedly were here even dolls and other children's toys found that one up into the 20-er Years of the last century date.

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