SyFy Channel to air all Booth Brothers Films 31 days of Halloween.

SyFy to air all Booth Brothers Paranormal Films & Documentaries in October during the 31 Days Of Halloween! SyFy Channel/NBC Universal! Las Vegas Film Examiner, Terra King.

The SyFy Channel is having a great event for the whole month of October. 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN. The Booth Brothers have a premiere plus a showing of two other films. The Brothers hit the ball out of the park with their first major film.
Death Tunnel is a really good scare. Very well done. It was filmed at Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Louisville, KY.
Death Tunnel will be shown October 4th at 1pm.

During filming many cast and crew members had "feelings" about the place. It's difficult to explain, however, the Booths felt a documentary about Waverly would be interesting so, they did "Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills". Waverly is considered one of the scariest places on earth. The Brothers did an amazing job of catching the feel of the empty halls, of the huge structure. They even documented the outside of the structure where "creatures" have been glimpsed from time to time.
Premiering on SyFy, "The Possessed" October 8th at 9pm. This is another paranormal documentary. It is about a well documented case of possession that happened in Watseka, Illinois. This film was the winner of the "Best Paranormal Documentary 2009", by Haunted America Tours.

Also on the 8th, right after "The Possessed" at 11pm is "Children of the Grave". This is the perfect film for SyFy's Halloween event. It's a documentary about children during the hard years of the depression, orphaned, unwanted, mistreated and sometimes just out right murdered. Many of the orphanages are still around and some are explored. The part of this film that is the most disturbing (in a delicious way) is the footage of "Zombie Road". Horrifying, because it's true, caught on tape by identical twin brothers who have an eye for the story and the talent to get in on film.

Recently, the website, Dread Central did an interview with the Booths. Sex, Ghosts, and Rock and Roll. Meet the Booth Brothers.
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All Booth Brothers Films as seen on SyFy Channel/NBC Universal
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SPOOKED TV NEWS: SEX, GHOSTS & ROCK and ROLL. Meet the Booth Brothers. Exclusive Interview by: Elaine Lamkin/Dread Central.