From the creators of SPOOKED and CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE (As seen on Sci Fi Channel). THE POSSESSED (Uncut) (Spooked Television Releasing), A Booth Brothers Film, Horror Documentary, Not Rated, Approx. 90 minutes, Stereo, Color, Filmed and Mastered in High Definition, WideScreen. DVD Features, Over 60 minutes more of bonus footage, not seen on television, Interactive full motion DVD menus, Producer's Video Diary, Galleries, Alternate and Deleted Scenes, On location in Watseka and much more. Written, Edited, Produced and Directed by the Booth Brothers.

Synopsis: The belief in possession by evil spirits plagued the 18th century. Madness and hysteria spread classifying the mentally ill as “Being under the control of the Devil”. These sad misfits became the victims of bizarre exorcisms or “Casting Out Rituals”. Banished from society they were locked away inside brutal asylums and branded, “The Possessed”!

Based on the True Story, “The Watseka Wonder”, America's first documented possession of 1877. A chilling journal of a 13-year-old girl from the small town of Watseka, IL who became possessed by spirits of the insane dead! A terrifying journey into the world of the supernatural as we witness first hand, True cases of possession as told by the victims themselves. Filmed on location at the actual haunted houses and insane asylums of “ The Possessed”. WARNING: Contains disturbing images of real possession! May not be suitable for all audiences.


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THE POSSESSED. Copyright © MMIX Spooked Productions. All Rights Reserved.



Children Of The Grave Horror News DVD Review

Children of the Grave (2007) DVD Review/Horror News: SYNOPSIS: Look dead into the eye of fear to unearth the shocking existence of ghost children! Examine real paranormal case files while exploring haunted orphanages and asylums. Uncover the dark shadows from untold stories of unmarked graves. Journey to Zombie Road and investigate the invasion of shadow children. Ghost hunt in Pythian Castle's black mass of pain where the hunters are the hunted! Utilizing paranormal experts, the filmmakers present evidence that Ghosts Do Exist!

REVIEW: The unstoppable TwinTalk is at it again, this time taking on the "Children of The Grave"! The first thing you'll probably ask yourself is what makes this different than any other ghost hunter program you can turn on to watch these days?

Simply, its research, coverage, background information, visual care, background scoring and discoveries from the quest. The team sets out on a 10 day investigation across 6 states to uncover the secrets of the dead. Namely the children who speak to us from beyond. Directors Christopher Saint Booth & Philip Adrian Booth lay the ground work for this 90 minute presentation. Every documentary has a purpose and the purpose here is to uncover and report the supernatural. What we get is much more on an emotional level as the tales of abandoned orphans are told. We find that 250,000 children were orphaned with many dying off back in the early days due to neglect, starvation, and a bizarre tale of milk laced with Formaldehyde.

Many state run orphanages became the haven for these unnamed lost children due to a number of circumstances but mainly abandonment. EVP recordings reveal sounds of crying babies, playgrounds and haunting voices. We hear about how out of 700 taken in, 345 would die off. Many took to the streets with little that survived. These were indeed the children of poverty who's lives remain only as notes in archives.

While it aims at being scary, it actually ends up being very heartwarming (the first visit) due to the tales that are told. Of course the EVP recordings of screaming children and playground noise peek the curiosity. The fact that they got the evidence while only trying to get the documentary coverage is a bonus to the film. With the public fascination in ghost hunting, Children of the Grave is a treat to viewers.

Another fantastic eloquently brooding score is provided by director Christopher Saint Booth with string arrangements that sooth and send shivers at the same time.

If you thought it stopped there, there is still alot of ground to cover. The team visits namely 2 more noted sites. The 2nd is the Springfield Missouri Pythian Castle in operation from 1913 to 1942 during the nazi pow camp days. A former orphanage, it was later converted over into quarters for Military gentlemen. It of course still exists today which in 2003 it was renovated and remains a tourist attraction.

The reports dig into days of abuse and neglect on the children. So even now it houses a great deal of spiritual activity with reports of hauntings. One such haunting comes from a large former maintenance worker who is easily picked up by psychics.

Others seem to be the playful spirits of lost children. Most startling in all of the COTG visits are the number of discoveries they make with EVP's, photography, motion detects, shadows moving, audio contact per noises and incidents which not only cover the locations but provide screen proof of activity. If you've watched many of these other "Ghost hunting" shows (which I'm sure you have)...really the episodes lack real evidence "most" of the time. So while its entertaining to watch folks scurry around in dark corridors on tv, it's not believable. The team for COTG either got lucky or just invested the time needed to bring out the evidence. The results are both eerie and chilling. The creepiest of the film is without a doubt the visit to the Miramac river forests deemed "Zombie Road". A location that has strong evidence and reports of satanic activity, deaths, murders, and shadow people, reveals startling on-camera footage that will haunt you as much as anything you find in fiction.

With a reported 35 deaths in the area, the team investigates sections of the woods that have evidence of ghost activity. This includes strange occurrences of "shadow people" who we get to see as they are filming. Philip Adrian Booth & Christopher Saint Booth both provide the tools into making this all work. Whether it's the editing finesse or lucid scoring, it is indeed a documentary to behold. Further kudu's goes to the nice usage of slides, slowed footage, flashlight overlays, static segues, testimonies, B&W's, tours, ghost hunters and a great use of camera movement that never stays still..

Forget this is a documentary, its just damn creepy as hell!

- BoneDigger/Horror News


DarkPlace Horror News DVD Review Harrowingly creepy

DARKPLACE Horror News DVD REVIEW: "Guilt can be an evil thing". SYNOPSIS: A hillbilly giant and the local preacher exorcise their ritual of dark cleansing by locking you up inside an ancient box forcing you to face your inner demons. But when a 10 year old boy is locked up inside, his darkest fears sets loose an inferno of relentless evil. DarkPlace is one of the new feature films created by the talented TwinTalk team. As it notes in the credits it is loosely based on the book Dante's Inferno. Those aspects are more relational than literal. For those paying attention you'll notice the Dr. (Dougald Park) who goes by the name "Virgil Nichols". Virgil being a central character of the book. You'll of course notice the "Abandon all Hope" sign and the indirect referrals to the soul's journey. Though past that aspect, any descent into levels of hell is more indirect than literal. The constant appearance of creatures in the journey would suggest the states of mind and the conflict of inner demons.

If your confused, then let's back up a bit. The film is centered on the idea of the "Shadow Box". The box is a old myth of a crude device they used to enclose folks who needed time alone to face their demons. Our setting is an upright metal box about the size of a outhouse located in the middle of the woods placed for exactly that purpose.

Dr. Nichols begins a journey when he receives a call to set out to Fern County located in Darkwood, Appalachia. As he prepares for his train ride, we get a glimpse into his obsession with clippings, old photos and images of this mythical shadow box.

The scene is nicely accented with the filmmakers knack to include old antique props and papers to enhance the mood of the piece. We are also introduced to Ian (Timothy Lee DePriest), a troubled youth who we are plunged into his thoughts, hallucinations and frames of madness. Much of the film follows this path as the film plays out like a nightmare in motion. As mentioned even in the dialog, these are "twisted visions based on fragmented activated memories". Taking this statement into context, we are catapulted very quickly into a visually enhanced plot that bases its entire script in this direction. Ian flashes back and forth to situations, an asylum, the past, the future, his mother's death, his fathers abuse and everything in between. In fact the lines between Dr. Nichols and Ian become extremely blurred at times as to there roles and purpose in the film. We do eventually reach a resolve that connects the dots. Though the intended experience is presented in the form of a rather complex puzzle.

Now add to that a welcome appearance by actor Matthew McGrory (Manson videos, "Big Fish") who I could only connect to the symbol of a rather bizarre reaper of sorts. His appearance is eerie and foreboding even in simple feats such as walking across a field.

The movie employs a number of interesting shots that I felt should be noted. Director Philip Adrian Booth gives us a visual run using tilted camera shots, forced perspectives, and even comic book like panel associations. Nothing too extreme, but enough to make a difference. This art of 3/4 off center shots that pop back into place help to enhance the dynamic aspect contributed mood of the film. Beyond that we have a mix of lighting techniques employed combined with some pretty freaky demon manifestations. My favorite being the indirect "Hellraiser demons tribute.

The score by Christopher Saint Booth plays out appropriately eerie and inventive. In fact the closing song "DarkPlace" had me fooled for a second as a Marilyn Manson song until I dug further in the credits and realized it was another impressive "Saint" produced number.

This is not your usual served up horror. It's purely psychological. The powerful vision aspect reinforces the mind trip tone of the film. There is alot of suggestive dialog that points to clues within the narrative, but I wont lie....this film needs careful concentration to take it all in. In fact whenever a film follows a path created from nightmare dream states you know its going to come at you in bits of delusional moments.

Different....but harrowingly creepy

- BoneDigger Horror News


Spooked TV/Si Fi live from the NAB show, Las Vegas

Spooked TV/Si Fi live from the NAB show, Las Vegas

Imagine an event powerful enough to lead an industry of converging technologies for more than 80 years. Imagine a gathering of global professionals and solutions providers from every stage of the content lifecycle, from creation to consumption. Imagine the ultimate educational experience.

Welcome to the IMAGINation. More than just broadcasting, the NAB Show™ is attended by leading media, entertainment and communications professionals like you who share a passion for delivering the next generation of audio, video, and filmed content across multiple platforms – from televisions, radios and computers to phones, the big screen and beyond.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, Beijing to Buenos Aires, Cannes to Cape Town, Montreal to Mexico City, and Sydney to St. Petersburg, the NAB Show is the essential destination for the information, innovations and connections powering the broader-​castingsm industry. Join your peers, stand side-by-side with industry idols, and enter a new world of content – where imagination meets technology.


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Spooked - Best Ghost Documentary

Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatarium (2006) - DVD Review

SYNOPSIS: SPOOKED, The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, documents paranormal evidence including, ORBS, EVPS, Shadow People, Ghostly Photography and video, interviews with actual patients, ghost hunters and the people of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. If you don't believe in ghosts, you will NOW!!! 83 minutes of ghostly evidence of the damned. No documentary takes you closer to the truth that ghosts exist. HEAR and SEE the FEAR.

REVIEW: It's always a pleasure to review a film that is loaded with points of reference and content. The latest comes in the form of a documentary by the talented team of Spooked Productions, The Booth Brothers. Some of you may have caught the piece being played on the SCi-Fi channel, of those who didn't the good news is that they've made it available for purchase as well. We've all seen our share of documentaries. In fact just about every DVD comes with one now. Though it takes considerable more time, passion and conviction to pull one together that not only informs but entertains and in this case..... scares. I thought when tackling this review the best route was to approach it from 4 points that impressed me. These would be the music score, the editing, the story itself and documentary.

Beginning with the score, Spooked,The Original Soundtrack, composed brilliantly by Christopher Saint Booth who goes buy the moniker "Saint" is quite a few things worth mention. The words that come to mind are hypnotizing, magical and a haunting symphony of perfection. It's no surprise that the score is also available for purchase as it is a real piece to own. As we are taken from one moment into the other, the score carries eloquently with the same flavor as the haunting visuals we are exposed to onscreen. Usually a documentary doesn't get as much care put into this aspect, but I was delighted to see that the same motivation that they would put into a movie score, they composed for "Spooked".

The editing. Nowadays its not as uncommon to get a great edited experience especially with the number of new docs popping up on Discovery and History channels. Though I always say that that option falls on the filmmakers and there desire to beef up the visual presentation to extra heights. Good thing for us that Philip Adrian Booth is a talented editor as well. This is evident in the range of motion graphics, titling, segues, layovers, cutaways and general scheme of visual assault we are exposed to . The important thing is the piece flows from one interview to the next. From one location to the next and from one chapter to the next. This is the secret to engaging your viewers. The content is eerie enough on its own but the added work makes for a great experience.

What is it that scares us more than a simple Romero or Wes craven experience? Its when truth is presented on screen and backed up by factual evidence. The documentary takes place at the famed Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville, Kentucky. Even without entering the monolith of a gigantic curved structure it is impressive and intimidating. Add to that a bizarre history, a death count of over 60,000 and a report of experimentations and questionable procedures. No, it's not the film "House on Haunted Hill" its the real life tales of Waverly. I will tell you that there are a lot of facts presented in the narratives. We have the building which was in existence from 1926 up to 1981. The 1926 to 1968 time frame saw the erection of the structure. The building was shut down though in 1982.

The object was to create a super structure that tackled the issues of Tuberculosis back in the 30-40's outbreak period. The structure was to be the cutting edge location for victims and patients. The 2nd -3rd floors were reserved for commons, and the 4th floor reserved for folks with money. The illness at that time went under the name "White plague" and was largely a new outbreak for doctors which resulted in all kinds of testing and experimentation. Waverly was closed at one point and re-opend under the moniker of "WoodHaven" in the early eighties. Though the patients were widely mistreated, and neglected which caused reason for its closure in 1981.

The documentary covers all the aspects of Waverly's history. The dreaded "Death Tunnel", the Draining room", The ghost girl, the onslaught of ghost hunter activities, The shadow people, The smell of fresh baked goods, The big brother atmosphere, The floors and there history and the infamous room 502.

My suggestion? Check it out , as there is more information than I could write and review. The Booth brothers know how to film & present a documentary and that's all you need to know. It may be a bit of an over step to say this, but I found this one of the best ghost documentaries I've seen to date. What's more scarier than that? Its' all based on reports and truth. The content has always been there, its just taken some motivation to see it finally brought to screen ......excellent!


DVD Review by BoneDigger.



The Possessed UNCUT DVD May 1, 2009