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Soul Catcher Trail of Fears by Tina Carreiro, Paranormal Movie Examiner

Christopher Saint Booth talks about Soul Catcher Trail of Fears by Tina Carreiro, Paranormal Movie Examiner. Booth brother, Christopher Saint Booth, CEO of Spooked TV, documentary filmmaker, writer and much more talked with Tim Yancey, host of Encounters Live last night about how they got started and their latest Booth Brothers film, Soul Catcher.

The Booth brothers began making films in the 80’s starting with the Playboy channel, where they made around 59 films. Wanting to follow their true passion, they made the leap to the paranormal in 2005 with Death Tunnel that is based on actual accounts of ghost sightings at the Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky. They simultaneously filmed the documentary, Spooked the Ghost of Waverly Hill Sanatorium, which gained the attention of the Si-fy network and their work with Spooked TV was born.

Booth, talked about the love and passion behind filming paranormal documentaries. Putting real people and filming at the actual documented locations means a lot to the brothers. Capturing the hardship and emotional stories from the people that are the foundation of the Booth’s films brings realism to the forefront of their movies. Having control of their work has made each film special. They pride themselves on trying to bring the best quality to their films for the people that love them. Christopher Booth takes it a step further and states: “We appreciate the fact that people love our stories and I can tell you, I don’t care how much money we don’t make. We’re never gonna do a 22 minute or 52 minute reality show that is garbage.”

Fans of the Booth brother’s are in for a treat, and luckily they pour their passion into the paranormal genre because Soul Catcher, their latest film, will take you on a wild spiritual ride. The Booth’s have tagged this film as their biggest, epic, Supernatural Adventure to date.

Booth gives us some insight on what to expect from the latest film. Soul Catcher starts out in the Mojave desert where they get into a 1939 German spy plane and fly across the desert to land in the lake beds to look for the medicine wheel, which they do find. The film deals with the haunting of the earth and they pulled EVP’s from the ground in several locations. They stopped in El Reno, Oklahoma and filmed the Indian boarding schools that are haunted by the spirits of Indian children and elementals outside, animalistic, the one’s with green eyes and growling, shadows 20 feet high, skinwalkers, shapeshifters and the legend of deer women.

The Native American interviews will describe the real tragedies which encompass the school house haunting as well as the legends that the Indians believe and the ones that are made up to protect their tribes from other tribes and cowboys. Interesting EVP’s from the schools will be played and those EVPs are not in English.

Soul Catcher is available July 20th, 2011. Autographed copies are available if you preorder it now at www.soulcatchermivie.com

If you want to catch the Booth Brothers in person, they will be attending the Mid-South Paranormal Convention in Louisville, Kentucky August 26th – 28th.

What’s up next for the Booth brothers? Voodoo Vampires and sex with ghosts.

Live interview is at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15619063