Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures) “1” of the most terrific KicK U in the aSS HoRRoR FliX

I find the “Death Tunnel” 2 be “1” of the most terrific KicK U in the aSS HoRRoR FliX of all time! Mostly because it was an actual occurrence!!

:Brad Gigleano

DarkPlace Finally got to see this master piece

"Finally got to see this master piece! One exclamation ... WOW! This takes your grey matter and neurons to depths and darkness that you never knew existed and shows you how delusional and trapped it can become. A movie before its time and one that will be emulated by others in the future.

Greg Myers of MPR/PTF"


SPOOKED The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium DVD Review


There are places that are scary and there are places that are truly haunted. SPOOKED, centers on one of the most notorious haunted hot spots in the US, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Built in the 1920's to house the victims of a new virus outbreak back in the day called "The White Plague" or known today as tuberculosis . There are claims of up to 63,000 deaths or more that occurred in the sanatorium up until it’s closing in 1982, when it was first converted into the long-term center, Woodhaven. People who have walked the dark hallways, have seen many things such as a girl with no eyes, a little boy, shadow people and moving orbs. Video, still pictures and EVPS (Electric Voice Phenomena) all have revealed that there is in fact spirits of the dead roaming the once sickened halls of this purgatory like institution.

Film makers Christopher Saint Booth, twin brother of Philip Adrian Booth who also directed the film THE DEATH TUNNEL which is also based upon Waverly Hills famous death tunnel where the dead were wheeled to hidden away from the patients and visitors alike. Along with co-director Shane Dax Taylor bring a very down to earth, straight talking documentary about this ghost hunter’s paradise. Using Keith Age, a member of American Ghost Society and President/Founder of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society as a host and tour guide throughout the sanatorium.

One thing is for sure and very evident, both film makers are able to not only reproduce the eerie atmosphere that surrounds the sanatorium, it is too the point of you actually develop shivers as you are guided floor by floor from the safety of your own chair in your warm and comfy home. Bombarded with images of darkened shadow people roaming the hallways highlighted with only a flashlight of two. Images of ghostly like figures and mysterious imp like creatures, all unseen most of the time to the naked eye but never the less right next to you at that very moment. Yes folks, this maybe a ghost hunters paradise, but to the weak at heart and knees, this is a tour da force head on with unexpected.

Everything you fear, every nightmare you’ve had, they all pale to what you will witness while watching this. Complete darkness engulfs you, uncertainty floods your every thought as the unknown begins to share right directly at you. This is exactly what is projected not only from the documentaries standpoint but the actual location. Of course this is coming from someone like myself who can only convey this from what is shown to me through this film. Pretty much telling you just how effective SPOOKED really is. This is not some teen-slasher horror marathon pushed into your face as you are sublimely told to expect a sequel in the next few months, this is the real deal.

The documentary is very thorough in it’s history, giving you a complete back history of the Waverly Hills, touching base with the "White Plague" or tuberculosis as well as some of the more famous cases from a nurse who hang herself in room 502 to the death tunnel. There are several areas of this hell on earth like place that would surely reveal some of the most impressive if not most complete aspects of paranormal evidence. This is the wonderful part of diving into the paranormal and to hot spots such as the Waverly, not only are you about to find yourself a kid in a playground when it to this area of investigation, but you are also going to make yourself a whole lot smarting in the history department as well. SPOOKED is yet another fine example of this, to the point that it should be shown in school as apart of local history. Hell, if that were to happen I’d move down there myself and enroll my kids when I have some in that school!

The DVD much like the documentary itself is bursting with extra information in the form of mini features and mini documentaries on top of the main feature. Sharing everything from the raw footage, behind the scenes, ghost photography, EVP samples and tons more. Showcasing the film makers, trailers for not only the SPOOKED, but for DEATH TUNNEL as well. Remember this is the unseen version not seen when televised on the Sci-Fi Channel, so in essences you got a whole lot more and then some. If you are truly a fan of the paranormal, or a ghost hunter at heart this is the grand daddy of them all. Yet the stepping stone for the next and upcoming CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE.


Children Of The Grave It was something to see

Well, I finally watched this Booth Brothers documentary. It was something to see. I don't know if I believe all of it, but can't seem to make myself disbelieve it either. Child abuse in the early 1900's seemed far worse than today. Now people are aware and children are for the most part protected. The stories of abuse and neglect was bone chilling. I don't know if this has been posted already. If so, I'm sorry to post it agian. I would like to hear what you all think of this movie, and the Booth brothers. The investigators seemed to be on the level.

Siggy by Silent Walker


Children Of The Grave I always enjoy a good documentary about ghosts

Children of the Grave  (2007). This was really interesting and very sad about the history of orphan's around the turn of the century.  They found a graveyard that had over 600 children dumped in a mass grave, it was almost like children were lower than animals at that time.  They were stripped of their names and given numbers, there is a graveyard that only had numbers on the graves, no names.  So it was pretty sad. 
Sometimes it jumped around a little too much and got off the subject a bit and then kept repeating itself several times.  The EVPs were pretty cool.  There was one EVP that you could hear screams, like they were all joining together to get your attention.  Then there was the picture, I don't know if it was a setup or not, but they took a picture of the woods right at dusk but when looking at the picture later there were black figures of about 15 children standing on the hill in between the trees. 
Anyway, if you like Paranormal investigating, I think you might find this very interesting, even if you aren't interested in the paranormal, the history of the place was very enlightening. 

By divinemsjunebug






I loved the movie

I loved the movie "Death Tunnel" and the video graphics were amazing. I also loved your hardrock industrial tune for that movie - excellent!!



The work you have done in the paranormal field is fantastic


"We love all the films you have and try to collect each one. The work you have done in the paranormal field is fantastic. thank you for all you have done."




Booth Brothers ROCK

Congrats!!!!! (Booth Brothers ROCK!!!!) We have seen most of your work and we enjoy it everytime we watch it, We really learn alot from the films.. There is so much you guys put into your Documentaries that it is very interesting and keeps your attention very intriguing .

I Love the way you tell the truth about the haunting's and you do not sugar coat anything, nor add something that is not the truth.People need to know the truth and understand what is out there per say.

You guys do a damn good job of getting down to the truth! To bad there isn't more people out in the field that would or could Keep it REAL!!!

Hats off to you both, Keep up the good work.

Sending Blessings to you and yours.

Anita and Mel Tallbull"


Children Of The Grave Grade Way to go, guys

Denisee - Queen of the Dead's Comment:

"I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I just saw COTG this past weekend. Having spent 22 years in child care - several of which as a Director at a private center, I must say that I was impressed with the care and concern the Booth Bros. and the cast showed to these little lost souls. Way to go, guys!"


Children Of The Grave Grade MUST see for all walks of life.

Review::   Children Of The Grave 


After many years dealing with Children in the Paranormal field I had the honor of watching The Booth Brothers Documentary  "Children Of The Grave"  Haunting's of hundreds of unwanted and forgotten children. "Children Of The Grave" brought a reality to me of just how many children were in unmarked graves. The Booth Brothers were once again brilliant bringing out the detailed past of the children and situations involved. The emotion Children Of The Grave" brought to me and many others I shared with the film was quite intense. I watched a body builder by trade cry in my living room as the emotions were extreme with some of the children. The feeling of wanting to help them I could not shake.
The Booth Brothers once again brings out their filming talent as only they can do. The true emotion, sadness and fear to their films something they do naturally and it shows. It is in their blood, it is in their heart/soul in conjunction this documentary had some big names in the field of the paranormal. Keith Age; a wonderful storyteller who is passionate of his work and the people. Greg Myers and Steven La Chance putting in their all in the Investigations and it showed. John Zaffis sharing his years of wisdom and Rosemary Ellen Guiley keeping me enthralled with every word she spoke as always. All brought this documentary alive and as someone in the field it made me come alive with a feeling of peace in the end knowing many of those graves unmarked only by numbers of children were now not a number. But a name, a face, and many finally going over to the Other Side. "Children Of The Grave" and The Booth Brothers have many smiling children looking down on them now. Superb Documentary it is full of fear, sadness, Love, hope, emotion and many ghostly Children. A MUST see for all walks of life.
Denice Jones Founder of The LIFE Foundation Inc. www.paranormalhelp.com