Children Of The Grave Grade MUST see for all walks of life.

Review::   Children Of The Grave 


After many years dealing with Children in the Paranormal field I had the honor of watching The Booth Brothers Documentary  "Children Of The Grave"  Haunting's of hundreds of unwanted and forgotten children. "Children Of The Grave" brought a reality to me of just how many children were in unmarked graves. The Booth Brothers were once again brilliant bringing out the detailed past of the children and situations involved. The emotion Children Of The Grave" brought to me and many others I shared with the film was quite intense. I watched a body builder by trade cry in my living room as the emotions were extreme with some of the children. The feeling of wanting to help them I could not shake.
The Booth Brothers once again brings out their filming talent as only they can do. The true emotion, sadness and fear to their films something they do naturally and it shows. It is in their blood, it is in their heart/soul in conjunction this documentary had some big names in the field of the paranormal. Keith Age; a wonderful storyteller who is passionate of his work and the people. Greg Myers and Steven La Chance putting in their all in the Investigations and it showed. John Zaffis sharing his years of wisdom and Rosemary Ellen Guiley keeping me enthralled with every word she spoke as always. All brought this documentary alive and as someone in the field it made me come alive with a feeling of peace in the end knowing many of those graves unmarked only by numbers of children were now not a number. But a name, a face, and many finally going over to the Other Side. "Children Of The Grave" and The Booth Brothers have many smiling children looking down on them now. Superb Documentary it is full of fear, sadness, Love, hope, emotion and many ghostly Children. A MUST see for all walks of life.
Denice Jones Founder of The LIFE Foundation Inc. www.paranormalhelp.com