Children Of The Grave scared the living crap out of me

I just wanted to tell you that you have scared the living crap out of me. I recorded it on my DVR from Wednesday night/Sci-Fi channel because it was too scary to watch at night (according to my husband). It's been 2 days and I still haven't been able to watch the whole thing from beginning to end-I keep on stopping it because it's so upsetting (I'm a mom of 5 and nana of 4). I normally NEVER, EVER listen to EVP's, but the ones you have are so relevant to your documentary that I have tried to sit still through them without putting the tv on mute. I could go on and on....but all of you have done a fantastic job with this subject. If you have succeeded in scaring the shit out of my husband, that's saying a lot!
I wish you guys had a regular show on tv...so much scarier and thought provoking than Jason Hawes and his arrogant behavior every week! Thanks again and will search the web for more of your ghost stuff!


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