Children Of The Grave comments

you guys are awesome. . loved spooked and children of the grave


Absolutely love your movies & Doc's . Keep rockin guys!


amazing movie i love it ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I watched Children of the grave on scifi and the pic of the shadow children was amazing. is there a place or site that i can buy a copy of it? i would love to have it. thank you.


I watched this last week....was very moved by it. I'm concerned about these lost children.

Is anyone trying to help them move on?

I hate the thought of children lost and alone in the spirit world out in the cold dark forest and asylums.

There should be a mass comglomeration of people trying to help these children.

We should gather a bunch of priests and holy people and go over there and help the children go to where they need to be with God and finally get the love they so deserve and didnt get in life.


this is probably the best documentary i have seen in a long time. my sister, niece, mother, and i all have a very strong interest in the paranormal, and this brought tears to my eyes and chills down my spine. we are going to The Myrtles Plantation (have 5 rooms booked) and am looking forward to what we might come across there. please continue to bring light to this subject. thank you for all your wonderful work.


"This documentry was the most amazing film I've seen in a long time. Thank you for giving it to us."


Wow! What wonderful service!


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