Children Of The Grave Great

The other night I watched the documentary 'Children of the Grave'. I have never heard of it and by chance caught it on Sci - Fi. Well I can tell you now that I feel vindicated in my opinion that there is spirit activity in cemeteries! The film centers on, among other things, a cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana. Four turn of the century orphanages buried approximately 700 children in four mass graves. No names, just numbers. This team caught images and evp's of the spirits of these children.

I am of the opinion that there is allot of spirit activity in cemeteries. I have been told that experts agree that there is little spirit activity in a cemetery since a spirit will go where it was happiest. Well, you have these respected paranormal investigators/researchers who are saying that there is activity in a cemetery! I believe that a spirit is going to stay close to it's body no matter what stage of repose it is in. Some are confused and don't know where to go. Others want to visit with those who visit them. It is a community, a community of spirits. I have been lucky enough to catch some images and evp's in a couple cemeteries.

Spirits can be in more then one place because there is no concept of time or space as we know it. Spirits have feelings and emotions. I am talking about real spirits and not reciprocal images. They are lonely. Many don't know what happened to them and don't realize that they have passed on.  They try to connect with us more then we try to connect with them.  How many times have you had the feeling that someone is watching you when there is no one there?

Turn of the century orphanages were terrible places. So many kids and not enough space or love to go around. It worsened with the depression. These poor souls were beaten, malnourished and left to fend for themselves. They were abused and for the most part, nameless. Children are going to stay in the cemetery as this film points out. It is their community. It is like a school yard where children play. I blogged about a building in New England that I worked at. It was an old orphanage refurbished. I called it 'little boy ghost'. I am going to repost that blog.

I visited a couple cemeteries with Sean and Jim. Jim freaked in the one. He is very sensitive. He was overcome by feelings of despair and sadness. Jim was standing in a section of this cemetery that had many children's graves in it. He said he could hear many voices whispering in his ears. This film pointed out that like children do, when an adult enters a group, they all try to get that persons attention. It is no different in the spirit world. Sean and I took pictures and did some recordings. We got allot of orbs and some nice evp's. The evp's where Jim was standing however were static and gibberish. I discounted them. After seeing this film and watching how the audio tech better analyzed the recordings has me thinking that I should do the same. I am going to go over those recordings again and slow them down. Maybe I have something more then originally thought.

Another segment of the show deals with a road near St. Louis, Mo. They call it Zombie Road and allot of activity has been captured there. Well I have to tell you guys - guys that were there - my hat is off to you! Just by watching it I could tell that this place is evil! There is evil all around there. You will never catch me walking down those tracks no matter how many people were with me or how bright the sun was! Again, I commend you!

If you haven't seen this documentary, try to. It is great.


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