Children of the Grave, mmesmerising, fascinating, and yet touching documentary.

Saint, I watched the airing of Children of the Grave last night on SciFi. I must say that it was the most mesmerising, fascinating, and yet touching documentary. I was shocked at the atrocities, as I'm sure you were, commited on the children of a bygone era. Yet it paralells even todays modern conditions where still people exist as nothing more than numbers. Especially the mentally ill. I am sure you have heard of Danvers Mental Health Institute in Massachusets. It closed down in 1985 and has remained abandoned since. Many inhumanities were commited there against the patients and had many archaic practices. Like those forgotten children of that past era. Many of mentally ill that were there were John or Jane Does, or simply forgotten by family members too ashamed to face them. There is a on sight grave yard where many of the former patients were interred and given simply numbers. I wonder if you are considering on continuing with such sucessfull documentaries and this could possibly be a future location covered in one of them? I think you would have a most interesting presentation.


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