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I just wanted to let you know I recieved the DVD on fast. Thank you so much for you attention and quick action in this matter. You have my respect and grattitude for your promptness and courtesy.


Just wanted to say thanks. I ordered the duo of Spooked and Children of the Grave and got them the next day. That was amazing! Thank you so much. They're great dvd's!


My parents had watched the movie on SciFi and raved about it which is why we wanted to purchase it. Thanks for addressing the issue we will continue to tell our friends about your website and movies/documentaries.

Hi!! I ordered both Children of the grave and Waverly as a duo pack and I LOVE IT!! Received it last Tuesday and Im enjoying both alot!! Thanks for making them. I look forward to the Possessed DVD!!


I still get chills just thinking about it. That is an amazing EVP. I have now watched "Children of the Grave" 3 times. Two of the scenes really get to me:

1. The "I wanna hold" - EVP
2. The scene where one of the surviving orphans gets her Raggedy Ann doll.

I have now watched "Spooked", twice. This is also a great DVD. I am a history nut, so I appreciated the historical background information. I think this is an important aspect to doing investigations because it gives you a view into who you might be encountering paranormally. Please keep me posted on future events, DVD's, Lectures, etc.

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