Children Of The Grave Poem

I wrote a poem after watching this documentary and my mother insisted upon me sending it to you.

-Angels way-
A wayward street
A lonely fleet
Their tears so lone
They could be sewn
To make a new jacket
Their cries make no racket
Their little feet a patter
It doesn’t really matter
They have no home
In which to go and roam.

They hold their only toy close
As the aristocrats all boast
The only home
their forced to roam
there is no heart here
Only fear
Their brother’s tomb
There isn’t much room
For them to sleep
Not even a peep
The cold floor
The horrible memories it bore
Their caretaker so mean
The poor angels wish they’d never been seen
The lonely clutch there last
In fear of the shadows they‘ve been cast
The orphans
Of the past
The orphans
now in graves
The ones humanity didn’t save.

by slw2 (14 yrs old)

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