i've tried to get my hands on the dvd " children of the grave 2" for a while. i eventually won it on live radio. and it was worth it. it's a great movie. with a lot of awesome haunted places, a good history about those places and a lot of great evidence. it was so interesting that i forgot time. also the message about "be who you are and don't hide yourself": i loved it. it's a must see movie for everybody. great job guy's, keep up the good work. cheers from belgium. Gunter For all the people thats haven't seen the movie children of the grave 2, its a must see movie, the booth brothers really did a great job bringing this out to the public, the evidence they have found, all the ghost hunters that have been there and found things nobody can explain, the history of the places all so well told, i would say: you can't miss this film thx for making this one and greetings from your belgian fans: paranormal investigation team belgium. Jurgen The movie childern of the grave 2 is excellent, It keep me glued to the edge of my seat and peeking thru my fingersl I loved it. Evie I've had COTG2 since April 4th, and I've watched it four times....will be watching again tonight! Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth, thank you again for an amazing and very touching look at these lost souls! If it weren't for you guys, they would still be lost and unknown, but you've made so many aware! I'm sure those lost ones are so grateful too!! The film, the score, everything is just fantastic! Thanks again! ♥ MaryLee COTG2, all I can say is OMG! The ending was one of the most powerful that I have seen in a very long time!!!!!!! I will be promoting the DVD on the show as a must see! Rev Tim Shaw

I had the privilege and honor to see COTG2 in Tampa last week in the Theater with the Booth Brothers themselves and I can say this with no hesitation! This by far is one of their best films ever, they have outdone themselves this time and a film with a message for all of us to come together as a community and help to further this field with Respect for one another! Buy this film and be sure to know that it will be a Gem in your own personal video library! RICHARD

Children of the Grave 2.. just finished watching and it is a phenomenal film with such a great and beautiful message. Was so honored to be part of such a incredible film. Dakota

I recived my movie and oh my God it was the best most interesting movie i have ever have seen.It was beautiful,you and your brother are so loving when you speak to people and when investigating.Just amazing you both can teach hollywood alot!This is awesome.Now one question how can i get a jacket like the one either you or your brother was wearing with spooked production on it? Thanks for making the movie and now i will be buying the rest of your movies. Thankyou for what you do.And if you decide to come to Montana would you please let me know. Thankyou Shawnann

Enjoying the part 2 of Children of the Grave. You guys do an excellent job!!!!!!!!!!!!Paulette
The day that i met 2 of my hero's The Booth brother's Philip Adrian Booth and Christopher Saint Booth! A day I will never forget at the Tattoo/Horror festival their. I swear we bought out all the new Children of the Grave 2 and the first. Among Spooked t-shirts! They are such down to earth Real people and peaceful, loving people in the world! Both of them! The are Brilliant and talented beyond there own years! Children of the Grave 2 is phenomenal!!! If you have not seen it, stop punishing yourself!Laurie

well i watched cotg2.....like i told anita.....rare moment,i am just speechless........wonderful job philip and you too chris. so sad and so haunted. lemp castle.......;-))))) and i got to hear ivana speak...........;-)))))))))very sad.....and very disturbing..........peace my good friend!!!!!♥♥♥ ps the film was disturbing not ivana speaking...Melissa

Today was the second most Magnificent day of my life. I got a tattoo, something highly personal on my right fore arm. Steve A. Gonsalves. Plus got to meet Philip Adrian Booth and his twin Brother Christopher Saint Booth at an amazing event for SyFy releases of their newest DVD Documentary Children of the Grave 2. We all remember the the first compassionate Children movie! The Booth Bros. are amazing and very real, kind, compassionate, brilliant, giving, respectful, and charming gentlemen I have ever met! We got every movie we brought got autographed for free. We bought out children of the Grave 2 and Children of the Grave (# Uno). I got to enjoy this Moment with my team members Philip Adrian and Christopher Saint. These two gentlemen are extremely as nice and respectful as they appear to be in all their work. The Booth brothers, Phillip and Christopher were profound and sincere and so very real and deeply felt. I want to say thank you to the Booth Bros for make such an incredible meeting a wonderful and meaningful event for me. That you remembered me was just amazing and moved my soul. Thank you Philip and Christopher for the movies I bought, but you signed for free, Thank you for the free pictures autographed for free as well. We adore our Got spooked T-shirts.

For the rest of my life I will never forget the European kisses of gentlemen, who are completely brilliant. Your documentaries have gotten me through many a painful and scary day in my own life. And you kissed my hand like I am a lady. And did everything I asked you to do to please me and make me smile. I thank you For that. I got several copies of Children of the Grave 1 and 2 that are autographed I also got to take incredible pictures just out of the blues with Philip A. Booth and Christopher S. Booth.

We have enjoyed meeting the Booth Brother's, buying their movies and even getting a free movie and poster. They are the most down to earth, lovable, approachable, real, brilliant, very compassionate, kind people that they appear to be in the public eye. A rare bread of human being that realizes that there is more to life then just this heard body. The soul goes on, and the Booth Brother's know how to document it well. I have been a fan of theirs since before the paranormal really took off. All of their energy and honesty of liberty and thought that goes into a Booth bros production or Pictures is a work of art from one end to the next end. Laurie


TY TY TY Love my autographed poster and my dvd. and the shipping did not take as long as I thought it would keepem coming i am only lacking 2 dvd's of my Booth Brother collection.Stephaine

AMAZING film! I especially love the ending.Cailin

I wasn't warned to have the kleenex next to me!! I really did have tears throughout the whole film! MaryLee

Enjoying the part 2 of Children of the Grave. You guys do an excellent job!!!!!!!!!!!!Paulette
Awesome documentary great evidence...feel sad for the "boy"Jeff

Got my copy, watched it and LOVED IT! Going to tour the pythian castle this friday night ( the 13th :)), makes me want to watch the 1st one again...Really Badly!!!Brandi

I just got my copy along with the autographed poster, and I also got the boxed set! Thanks for the extra autographed pic guys!! :)Rick

COTG2 was so good I went and bought 1 and also the one on Waverly Hills. I was so good to see my best friend Juli in her element. We spent many happy days at Ashmore with lots of evidence. Keep it up Booth Bros.!!Janis

Finally got a chance to watch my copy of COTG 2,, IT WAS AWESOME!! & yes, the ending had me teary-eyed as well.Mœnïçâ

we watched cotg2..........WONDERFUL,,,JUST WONDERFUL and soooo sad and disturbing.....great job mr. chris.. oh. my 80 yr, old mother said the music is so good in this.Melissa

It was INCREDIBLE! I especially loved the end. :)Cailin

Children of the Grave 2 is here!! If you have not gotten it,get it now! This is a film not to be missed as are all of those fantastic Booth Brothers documentaries. These are not anything like those TV shows(you know the ones Im talking about) filled with "Did You hear that"? or "Did You see that"?Christopher and Phillip never bore You with the same old tired bullshit.As with all of Their films You get history,beautiful filming and above all,the best evidence You will see anywhere.COTG2 is no exception,You will see some of the most awesome Thermal captures ever seen!Of course as always along with The fabulous Booth Brothers You get the Great Keith Age,the Rock and Roll Ghost Hunter,A man whose work I have admired for years.More than a documentary COTG2 is also a beautiful film,Phillip's camera work is no less than amazing and once again the soundtrack is filled with beautiful and haunting music.That The Brothers Booth are dedicated and devoted to the paranormal shows in all their work,of this there can be no doubt.What also shows is the fact that They truly care about these poor lost souls.COTG2 will not only astound and amaze You ,but it will also touch Your heart.I know it did Mine.If you dont have all of their films,get them.It will be money well spent.I am proud and honored to call these two Men friends.They are as down to earth as one can be and truly love their fans.I cant praise Them enough,I can only say that I admire,respect and love Them both.And I thank Them for making the best films on the paranormal I have ever seen.Thank You Chris and Phil,You guys are the best! Now get off Your ass people and go buy a copy of Children of the Grave 2 and do it NOW!! You will be damn glad You did! Studebaker

We got Children Of The Grave II in the mail yesterday! As soon as I got home and seen it was here I ripped off the packaging and we watched it. Awesome work. Clint

The highlight of my Thursday has arrived and NOTHING could possibly get better than this today!! My DVD of Children of the Grave II is now here right next to me and I'm psyched!! All I can say is Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has truly brought a genuine smile to my face!! Thanks so much you amazing Booth Brothers!! :D MaryLee

Great Documentary with a powerful message, a must see.Richard
Honestly, I liked the first one but this one is EVEN better. The locations you went to were amazing, the evidence was great, and the ending even made me cry a little. Great Job! I was really impressed!June

The movie was amazing. Forreal. Now, I must see all the other ones!!
May their souls RIP, and find their way home.Gasper

A Day in Nashville, TN at the Tattoo and Horror Festival What an awesome time we have had. It all started at 12:20AM Saturday morning when Jay and I arrived at the La Quinta Inn in Nashville, TN to find our team founder Laurie Crane Triten walking through the hotel foyer welcoming us with a great big hug. After we got up to the room and got settled in Laurie brought over a lot of suitcases and in it was the world of G.A.S.P. She went through the process of showing us how to unload and repack our pieces of equipment. We set up cameras and dvr's and documented the training session. After about 4 hours of going over things about the team we laid down for what I can only call a nap of sorts. Another 5 hours passes in what seemed like minutes as we slept not to get fully rested but just that spark of energy that we needed to go to the Tattoo and Horror Festival we had come to attend. Not long after getting up we all got into our van and headed out for the festival for Tattoos, fun and a little visit with the Booth Brothers. As we got near the festival the streets were crowded with people dressed up in an array of different costumes. We took pictures and filmed all the way to the festival. Laurie wanted our day documented so we could not only remember every moment we had spent together but also to teach us how to do our job. When we got to the convention center we parked the van and made our way through the crowd to get our wristbands and find the tattoo booths. We had come here to see the Booth Bros but they would not arrive until 3:45PM. So we all proceeded to the Tattoo booths to find Laurie and Wendy someone to do the tattoos they had picked out to get. After going from booth to booth trying to find just the perfect tattoo artist we decided to walk around for 10 or 15 minutes until it was time for the tattoos. As we are walking through the convention center we were wondering where the Booth Bros were going to be in the convention center when lo and behold Laurie walks right upon their Booth. There was a couple ladies there looking through the movies that the brothers had to sell and they told us that Philip and Christopher Booth were going to be there any minute. How ironic that we just happened upon their booth and they were to arrive at any time and it was almost 20 minutes early. The tattoos could wait a bit. As we went through all the movies and picked out all our favs the Bro's arrived. We were all very excited to get to meet our Facebook friends and they were very down to earth and just down right nice. When Laurie saw them she asked if they remembered her and Philip says yes you're Laurie. While we were there visiting with the duo they took the time to autograph Laurie's movies she had picked out and even signed pictures for us. But this was not all. We got some awesome deals on their movies and t-shirts to boot. After we got done picking out our movies and stuff the Brothers took the time to take pictures with us while we were there. They were so nice. They even took pics of their own and said they were going to put them on Facebook. Sharon

Do you think that someone could go through the graveyard where all those childern are buried only with a number and pray for them to go to heaven,just so they can be at peace,that part made me and my girls cry.I just had custody of my grand childern,my daughters boyfreind left the 3 yr.old alone in the shower and he fell and got seriously injured and he almost died in my arms last tuesday,that was surreal,he is fine i am just glad he is fine.The children is what makes the life worth living,and by you both doing what you do for the childern who have already passed is amazing,and God will bless you for what you do to help and to bring recognition to them. I am going on the websit now to order some things have a good night,and God bless you.You Mother is so proud of you,and all the childern you help go and tell her all about you both,as they wlk in the flower fields in Heaven. Shawnann

This documetery is so sad. I couldn't even imagine living life like the indians did in the 1800's-1900's. Not being able to speak your own language, see your family. You had to have a certain blood type to go to a certain school.And poor Michael, that lost his life due to drowning at age 5, I believe? Unbelievable. The evp's are amazing as well!
I advise EVERYONE to watch ' Soul Catcher, trail of tears' the name says it all. Gasper

NOW ON DVD www.childrenofthegrave2.com