SOUL CATCHER DVD-Reviews-What people are saying. WOW - IT ROCKS-BRAVE!!!

SOUL CATCHER DVD-Reviews-What people are saying.

i have all of their docs.....these gentlemen are extraordinary..... i thought children of the grave was their best...now i am not so sure. keep them coming you guys we love them. Amazon Customer

With each Documentary The Brothers release They set the standard for how a great film is judged,and Soul Catcher is no exception.From the moment You begin watching this film it becomes obvious the Booth's put heart and soul into every frame of this even more obvious labor of love.It is so easy to see that this is a subject that They feel very deeply about.The theft of an entire generation of Native Americans culture and way of life is a subject few Americans know about and is a very dark time in American history.Through recreations and interviews with some of the people who lived through it,this part of history is stunningly brought to life.Also once again with the help of respected Paranormal Investigator Kieth Age the most amazing evidence has been captured.From class A EVP to the best Thermal Camera images I have ever seen.There is no way I can praise this film enough,I doubt anyone can.If You want one of the greatest Paranormal documentaries You have and probably will ever see,buy a copy of Soul Catcher,it will amaze You,touch Your heart and give You the chills. Amazon Customer

I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Especially if you are into paranormal. Other Booth Brothers films include, The Haunted Boy, Death Tunnel, Dark Place, The Possessed, Spooked, The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Children of the Grave as seen on SyFy and Sony Pictures. Keith Age is in this one also and I love his method of investigating! : Shoryo

SOUL CATCHER ROCKS!!!This film has moved Me like no other.The filming is beautiful!The evidence is astounding!Soul Catcher will touch Your heart AND send chills down Your spine!I could spend hours talking about this epic film,but instead Im going to go and watch it again!Get Your copy now!!! You will be glad you did! :Stude

AMAZING! you have both creeped me out so i couldnt sleep and brought tears to my eyes, keep it up !: Isha

it really was amazing, the paranormal stuff was still there (with some of the best thermal imaging evidence Ive ever seen) but the historical part of it really got to me. Fantastic job once again. :Lisa

WOW!!! I just finished watching Soul Catcher and am again, speechless! Heartbreaking to see what these souls had to endure, but you guys also portrayed their inner strength!The Booth Brothers shine yet AGAIN and your passion is huge! Thanks again for sharing the actual truth! And those elementals were amazing! You guys are brilliant!!! : MaryLee

Watched Soul Catcher You guys are awesome. I had no idea what the native americans had to endure just decades ago you guys get better every time. The paranormal footage is off the charts but I like the history that you us to educate.

Got my soul catcher!! yesterday watch it last night,Wow it was great!!!!!! :ANNA

I just finished watching the DVD. My heart goes out to all those spirits and those you interviewed. I do not want to give anything away but this is one DVD that needs to be seen by EVERYONE! :BECKY

I just finished watching Soul Catcher and it broke my heart to see what happened to my Native American ancestors back then... I cried during the whole documentary.... I thank you and Philip both for showing everyone what happened and how Native Americans were treated.... You both showed the truth of the cruelty they all suffered. :DONNA

I wanted to express to you how touched I was by many things in your film. My mother was half Native American. She was able to get away with looking 'white' which she did. I'm not even sure which tribe she was from, she was horrified of people knowing. She grew up in Kentucky with the KKK riding by their farm on their way to god-knows-what on Saturday nights. The children that were forced to erase their heritage from their memory broke my heart. Also, the older man (with beautiful hair in braids) was heart breaking when he talked about his hair being cut, and the rest of the horror he went through. God Bless you. I can't express how I feel, but it's something close to kinship to the people in your doc. The paranormal stuff was good too LOL. Anyway...let me know about your next project when you can. Love to you all. :Terra
f your soul is not moved by this documentary, then I do not know what to tell ya. Deeply touching and thought provoking: Rhonda

My Ancestors were part of the great Cherokee Nation(Choctaw) and walked and died on the Trail of Tears.The Booth Brothers have not only made the best paranormal documentary I have ever seen,but have brought to life a dark part of Our history,and combined them into a beautiful and haunting film.I know the spirits of My ancestors are pleased. Hawke

This is why you and Christopher rock, your passion and dedication shows in the work you two put out! : Richard

Soul Catcher sells out in one day on Amazon!What does that tell You?You must get a copy of this film,I have watched it four times now and it still amazes Me!The evidence is some of the best I have ever seen anywhere.As always The Booth Brothers have uncovered the truth,and in this case the truth behind a very dark and sad part of American history.Once again The Booth Brothers have set the standard in documentary film making.Order Your copy now! : Studebaker

Soul Catcher grabbed hold of me the minute it started and held me there till the end! Blown away again! :Luna
You have done an awesome job have watched this twice already. Honored to be a friend!! PS... your a very brave soul, 1939!: JACKIE

just watched another amazing and touching documentrary by The Booth Brothers! :) My collection is almost complete. "Soulcatcher" is a great film, thank you, Philip Adrian Booth and Christopher Saint Booth! :) I was so excited to get it, I'd been anxiously waiting! Margret

The Spirits of My Ancestors are pleased,of this I have no doubt.Soul Catcher tells the true story of a very dark part of the history of this Country.The Booth Brothers have brought it to life as only They can.This film is so much more than a great paranormal documentary,it is a true work of art.If ever there were a film that You must own,this is it. :SH
Got my copy of Soul Catcher buddy!! It ROCKS!!! Thanks buddy! William

your brave .... lol.. i am so very proud , all your flims are great but this one is over the top. :Tami

I watched Soul Catcher last night, it's very good. I did buy it for the paranormal aspect(great captures), but loved the historical aspect even more. People with NA bloodline should see this. Esp. liked the heart-to-heart . Great job! :Joni

I just finished watching the Soul Catcher Directed By The Booth Brothers. What an amazing DVD You have to get this its====> DVD is Top Shelf. :Deborah

Truly Awesome.. It is the best I have seen.. :) great work!!! DP

I Loved It from beginning to end..I wish you much success with this documentary!! I'm not sharing with my friends I'm making them order their own..Thanks for the autograph copy also..I will add it to my collection. :Teri

I LOVED IT! Ya'll did a great job! I don't have to hold my breath and cross my fingers anymore. : Tina

Soul Catcher rocked! And the soundtrack was awesome. Great job.: Adrian

Excellent. I think this is their best one yet. :Ade

Yet another great piece of work guys! Great camera work and awsome soundtrack. Well done! A great story of our too often forgotten native peoples and the suffering they endured. great thermal captures by Mr age. I dont know if I'd got in that plane though...lol. :Dave

I LAUGHED I like the old plane Id have not gone in that rust Bucket tho.. what courage it shows they will go threw to make a movie great. :Deb

Another EPIC documentary by the film makers! : Mary

Best one yet. I loved it. Keep up the good work !!!! :Bill

Best so far. Loved the editing and the soundtrack was awesome. This movie leaves you wanting more. I want more.: Don

Soul Catcher is amazing! You should be very proud! :Jeff

The kids and I watched Soul Catcher, twice today! Very exciting and very moving. :Kathleen

SoulCatcher!!!!! Awsome thats all I can say awsome guys!!!! I cried. :Anita

Watched SoulCatcher last night.....great job brothers! And as always respectfully done! Your kind hearts always shows through in your work! : James

Bravo again, to everyone who worked on the project. I keep going back to the scene of the haircuts and as a hairstylist I knew some of it but, the film tells us the meaning. It's an honor! : Mary E