Booth Brothers new paranormal doc 'Soul Catcher' DVD review Epic Reality by Terra King, Paranormal TV/Web Site Examiner


Booth Brothers new paranormal doc 'Soul Catcher' DVD review Epic Reality by Terra King, Paranormal TV/Web Site Examiner

Horror film and paranormal documentary makers Philip and Christopher Booth have released their latest effort on DVD. 'Soul Catcher: Trail of Fear' follows in the footsteps of the other excellent paranormal docs that the Brothers have produced.

    •    Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hillswas filmed after the twins did a horror film at Waverly Sanatorium. It's about the many entities and paranormal activity that cast and crew experienced. It is an amazing film that goes into depth about the hospital itself and why it is so active.
    •    The Possessed is about the 'Watseka Wonder', America's first documented case of possession in the late 1800s.
    •    Children of the Grave is the story ghost children, orphanages where children were horribly treated and then buried in unmarked graves. This film features an amazing photo taken on 'Zombie Road' of a huge group of ghost children looking down at the road from an upper embankment. This film is as chilling as it gets.
    •    The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist. This is the true story of the young boy who was portrayed as a girl in the 70s film The Exorcist.
And now comes, Soul Catcher, Trail of Fears. Once again revolving around children, Native American children, who were taken from their parents and put into 'boarding schools'. Their parents were told they would be taught to read and write...would be educated. However, the children were instead made to 'unlearn' what they had spent their young lives learning. Their heritage, their spiritual ceremonies and even their native language. No telling how many children died and were buried in graves that were either barely marked or unmarked completely.

The situation was a perfect storm for paranormal activity. As the hunters who go through the buildings, both actual and similar, EVPs are caught and little spirit children are seen. Paranormal investigator Keith Age, who works with the Booths often is joined by a Native American hunter called Spiritchaser Anita. Many Native American elders were interviewed and virtually all told tales of the schools and the spirits. One particular man was overcome by emotion as he told of how he was taken to the school and had his hair cut by force. Many tribes of Native Americans considered long hair to be a sign of being older and wiser in men. In women, long hair was considered desirable by most members of these tribes. Forcing a tribe member to cut their hair is comparable to taking their identity.

As with all of the Booth's previous paranormal docs, history is researched and revealed during recreations on screen.The Booth Brothers are brilliant filmmakers, they  direct/write/produce and edit. They also do the original music for their films available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Soul Catcher is a special documentary as it gives a voice to those who were never able to speak for themselves. This film is highly recommended to anyone interested in the paranormal as well as those who study history.

The Booth's other films are available on DVD. The brother's can be followed on Facebook and at www.spookedtv.com. SyFy often plays their films. Stay tuned to this column for more information on the brothers Booth and when their films can be seen on TV.
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