Children of the Grave 2 Review ***** a Booth Brothers Film by Annette Munnich Life goes on for us all, even those of us coexisting with forgotten people, forgotten abandoned places and little forgotten worlds. Many years ago for some. One missed heartbeat ago for others. Time capsules of energy between the living and the dead.The word "void" could be used here but would be inappropriate to describe stories so much alive with layers of real human tragedies and stories inside stories. The Booth brothers are back with Children of the Grave 2, a horror documentary that continues the exploration of some of the most talked about and curious places that are reputed to be haunted by children. We are invited to join the investigations and watch them unfold and reveal some hard looks into the unknown from the comfort of our chair. The evidence gathered is compelling. I was excited about this movie as it includes such intriguing places such as Lemp Mansion in St. Louis and Ashmore Estates in Illinois. There are many familiar faces in Children of the Grave 2 on the investigation teams such as Keith Age, Ivana Booth, Juli Velasquez, and paranormal device inventor Bill Chappel. The list of people appearing in this film is long. I like the perspective given by the mediums and sensitives who participated including Scotty Rorek, Tiffany Smith Johnson and Betsy Belanger to name a few. This is a well put together documentary that still retains the edge of rawness. Peering around the corner brings both fascination and heartbreak. Eternal questions remain on the table perhaps closer to being understood though never solved. May we always remember these souls who had not an ounce of peace living and have found no peace dead. Thank you Christopher and Philip Booth for a wild and riveting ride that again opens the mind and tugs at the heart.

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