DarkPlace DVD Review A feast for horror lovers.

DARKPLACE NOW ON DVD! DARKPLACE: Matthew McGrory (Devil's Rejects and Big Fish) stars in his last, terrifying film performance as a hillbilly giant. Along with the local preacher, together they exorcise their ritual of dark cleansing by locking you up inside an ancient box forcing you to face your inner demons. But when a 10 year old boy is locked up inside, his darkest fears sets loose an inferno of relentless evil. Cast: Matthew McGrory, Timothy Lee DePriest, Benjamin Bryan, Irwin Keyes, Dougald Park, Pippi. Studio: Spooked Television Releasing.Run Time: 94 minutes. DVD Format: Keep Case, Widescreen Anamorphic,1.78:1, Color. DVD Features: Subtitles: English, Dolby Digital 5.1. DVD Extras: Behind The Scenes, Gallery of Horror, Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, Special Tribute to "Matthew McGrory".

Dark Place is the perfect title for this disturbing look at a nightmare. Featuring "The Brothers" signature dark scenes, and equally dark story this film is delicious. A feast for horror lovers. "The shadow box", is where two evil hillbillies lock up people to "cleanse" them of their demons. When one particularly haunted little boy is locked inside, his demons prove to be more than the box can contain. It brings forth evil in forms that most humans couldn't imagine, however, my favorite filmmakers have no trouble showing a world that was never meant to be seen. The child who has grown to be a very crazy young man has hidden secrets. The guilt of his mother's suicide is the main horror that has been put upon him by his father.
As another character, a doctor, is summoned to this place of nightmares, both are thrown deeper into a place that seems inescapable. If you took the images from this film, as pictures, and edited them one after the other and took away the soundtrack, you would have a nightmare montage of unequaled horror. If in turn, you took just the soundtrack, without the pictures and just spliced together the sounds of the damned, you would have a nightmarish voice from hell.
This film is well done, acting is superior.

The only problem I had was finding out that the walking nightmare of the film, Matthew McGrory had passed away. This is his last film. He passed away in 2005. He was 7 feet 6 inches tall. A menacing figure on film. Actor Matthew McGrory. RIP.

You can often catch the Booth's films on SyFy (Sci Fi channel.) DARKPLACE DVD! Available Online at www.darkplacemovie.com

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