The Possessed Number One Top Ten Best Haunted Paranormal Documentary

THE TOP TEN BEST HAUNTED PARANORMAL DOCUMENTARIES - DVD's. These documentaries have been voted by the readers of Haunted America Tours as the best in the world to investigate real ghosts and hauntings. The 10 million plus of you that came to our web site voted for these haunted Paranormal Documentaries feel that these are the best of the best! And certainly we at Haunted America Tours surely agree. Haunted America Tours in each of our Top Ten Categories believe that it is the choice of you the visitor to our site to tell the world who and what you like. And applaud those that strive so hard to make what we know as being Paranormal activity, Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation and research more mainstream to public acceptance. These to many are the most watched and all time To date. These are of course our favorites and of many armchair ghost hunters alike. And if you haven't seen them we hope you do and enjoy them as much as the rest of the paranormal community and the world does. Today paranormal television is a genre of popular television broadcasting.

1. The Possessed (Spooked TV/Sci Fi Channel)
2. A Haunting - Seasons 1-4 (A&E)
3. Paranormal State Season 1 (A&E)
4. Children Of The Grave (SpookedTV/Sci Fi Channel)
5. Haunted History - Haunted Histories Collection (History Channel)
6. Beyond Belief: Season One (Fox)
7. 14 Degrees - A Paranormal Documentary
8. Travel Channel: Paranormal Destinations (Travel Channel)
9. Hauntings In America
10. Ghosts Among Us

# 1. THE POSSESSED. (Spooked TV/Sci Fi Channel) Directed and Produced by Philip Adrian Booth; Christopher Saint Booth. Available Online at www.spookedtv.com

THE POSSESSED: The belief in possession by evil spirits plagued the 18th century. Madness and hysteria spread classifying the mentally ill as Being under the control of the Devil. These sad misfits became the victims of bizarre exorcisms or Casting Out Rituals. Banished from society they were locked away inside brutal asylums. Some called them Angels, others called them Devils, they all were branded, The Possessed! Based on the True Story, The Watseka Wonder, America's first documented possession of 1877. A chilling journal of a 13-year-old girl from the small town of Watseka, IL who became possessed by spirits of the insane dead!

THE POSSESSED DVD Reviews: The DVD much like the documentary itself is bursting with incredible extras in the form of features and much more. Sharing everything from the raw footage, behind the scenes, galleries and even a personal filmmaker's video diary. Remember this is the unseen version not seen when televised on the Sci-Fi Channel, so in essences you get over 60 minutes more. If you are truly a fan of the paranormal, or a ghost hunter at heart this is the grand daddy of them all. Happy Haunting! --Cinema DVD Reviews

In true Booth Brothers style, this DVD is dark, both literally and content wise. They take you through the case, and also go on side trips to visit contemporary teens who were possessed; Including some discussion of the real woman from the Emily Rose case. The trip through the Watseka case shows us the Victorian age death of a teenage girl and several years later the possession of another girl also in Watseka by the girl who died. Be it true or not, this DVD is entertaining and very very creepy. It's worth watching and keeping in your collection to show for Halloween or other events that warrant the watching of scary DVDs. Sci-Fi Channel is the outlet where the Booth's films are shown. --Las Vegas Examiner Terra King

Angels to Some, Devils to others, no we're not talking about the Hellraiser films. Our journey is an investigation in the form of the recent The Possessed, a documentary covering specific cases of reported possessions. Several instances are featured though the primary one comes in the form of The Watseka Wonder. A rather bizarre case that extends not one generation but an additional possession of another in town. Mary Roff who died at the young age of 18 was a sufferer of seizure episodes and violent fits all her life. In 1877, things were different with many of these case easily dismissed as insanity without the present medial knowledge we have today. Mary Roff is explored, researched and contacted though psychic mediums. The results are startling. The Booth Brothers put together another fine documentary piece that explores this very phenomena. In the course of the film, we also hear about cases such as the Annilease Michel (Emily Rose ) case, Dewi Morgaine, Marcus Tallbull, Kelly March and Michael Jones (who dies 26 times as a primi baby). Each of these cases are documented possession cases that are still highly controversial to this day. The Possessed fits perfectly in with the level of consumer interest in all things supernatural. The product is well done and the story is equally impressive. A haunting piece indeed. --Horror New Net.

THE POSSESSED: Horror Documentary, Not Rated, WARNING: Contains disturbing images of real possession! May not be suitable for all audiences. Approx. 90 minutes, Stereo, Color, Filmed and Mastered in High Definition. NOW ON DVD www.thepossessedmovie.com

#4.CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE. (Spooked TV/Sci Fi Channel) Directed and Produced by Philip Adrian Booth; Christopher Saint Booth. Available Online at www.spookedtv.com.

This the highly anticipated follow-up to the Booth Brothers 2006 documentary Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. This haunted Indie film is one of the finest that I have seen in many years. And so like its predecessor this film delivers more non-stop chills from the very first frame. Many thought the Booth's could not top Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium their first paranormal documentary outing, but in truth they have surely surpassed it. Many herald The Booths work as a new breed of great paranormal TV to explore. The Booth's unique camera perspective and fantastic direction, editing and score are part of the haunted magical mind's eye that they possess collectively. It is "The Must See" of all that is haunted! More then just a cut above the rest it sets a new standard that many will find hard to reach. This movie is now what I would call a Paranormal Classic Indie Film!

WARNING: GHOST CHILDREN AT PLAY! CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE (As seen on Sci Fi Channel) Look dead into the eye of fear as acclaimed documentary filmmakers, The Booth Brothers ( 'Spooked, The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium' as seen on the Sci Fi Channel) unearth the shocking existence of ghost children! Explore abandoned orphanages and cemeteries,uncovering the tragic history of thousands of orphan inmates buried in unmarked graves. Journey to the Devils Woods and witness the invasion of shadow children. Hunt for an evil ghost predator lurking in the tunnels of a haunted orphan castle. Utilizing the top paranormal experts and high tech gadgetry, the filmmakers capture never-before-seen evidence that Ghosts Do Exist! Are you Scared yet? You should be!

Witness what Sci Fi Channel could not air. Contains additional footage and shocking ghost evidence Gallery, NOW ON DVD www.childrenofthegrave.com.

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