Reviews & Ratings for The Unseen: Best of the Booth Brothers

Reviews & Ratings for The Unseen: Best of the Booth Brothers The Unseen is just amazing, 8 October 2012 ;Author: dan-lafave-497-969544 from Harlingen, Texas. I have had the blessed opportunity to meet and hang out with Christopher Saint Booth and he is just one of the most sincere, friendly, and fun people to hang out and talk with. I have just been amazed by the gift of film making that both he and his brother Philip possess in all of their films. They simply do amazing work as to bringing all the elements of their paranormal and supernatural themed documentaries together in such a way that simply blows the audience away. I obtained my personal signed/autographed directly from Christopher and this film just blew me away, one of their best!!!! Everyone needs to get and watch this film which includes a lot of things that were not put into their other documentaries for various reasons. This film is at the top of my list, can't wait to watch it again today. Get your copy of The Unseen and all the other Booth Brother productions today, so that you can see the gifts that they both possess.

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