HAUNTED BOY DVD REVIEWS! "The Booth Brothers Score another Hit with This Paranormal Powerhouse" --HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS. "The Paranormal Evidence is Scary but the Real family is even Scarier, I was Blown Away"-- HORROR FILM NEWS "A Must See for Paranormal and Horror fans" --MOVIES ONLINE

With moody music created especially for the film by Christopher Saint Booth, paranormal evidence such as real-time EVPs and camera-captures, and disturbing archival, architectural, and expert evidence, the Booth Brothers’ The Haunted Boy is a do-not-miss for Halloween and a must-own for paranormal experts and fans alike. Bravo! Highest Rated DVD to date ~ 5 skulls " A Must See!" " Do not miss this one." --HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS

For the first time ever we investigate the real Exorcist house and the infamous Haunted Boy's bedroom where this horrific possession and exorcism occurred. Finally someone has gone where I had nightmares about. That infamous movie that kept me from not sleeping for over two decades, I now know the truth. The paranormal evidence is scary but the real family is even scarier. The DVD is packed with bonus features. I was blown away, what more could you ask for. --HORROR FILM NEWS

As a journalist the facts we learn about this case is intense. The filmmakers start with an investigative look into the hidden diary of the real Exorcist and then discover the lost Exorcism Room furniture (bed, desk, cross) said to be haunted and sealed in cold storage. They didn't stop there as they tell us about the boy's bed sheets containing devil's messages. Paranormal evidence includes shadows, EVP's, hot and cold spots, light abnormalities and a cross shaped burn mark on one of the investigators. One Hell of a show. A must see for paranormal and horror fans. --MOVIES ONLINE



Just finished up the haunted boy, u guys have sincerely outdone yourselves!Amazing work. my only dissapointment was when it was over! ; ) I will be watching this again and again. The music was awesome great job once again!It was beyond better than my expectations!!!! BRAVO Sarah

Got mine today... Love, love, love it.. I will be getting the diary autographed by Keith Age later this month.. Okay Philip, you and Christopher need to come to either Dallas or OK so I can get your autographs on the diary.. C'mon, guys do a small autographing tour. Teresa

I thought they did an Amazing job. Now i hope people would just wake up and see the truth, that demons are real. Capri

I just saw The Haunted Boy and just want to say, you both did an out standing job. I hope now people will wake up and see it as truth and not in fear. God bless you all in the making of the documentary.

I just finished it you all did such an amazing job ! btw you a;ll look 
awesome o9n my new 40 inch flat screen ! but it was amazing just like
your others keep up the awesome work ! it makes you think i had chills through out it. Jennifer

Very exciting day today just checked my mail and The Haunted Boy was in there cant believe it got to me in a day!!!! Thanks guys im gonna watch it right now! Sarah

Just watched my copy of "The Haunted Boy!! Excellent job!!! Kris

Best Indie filmmakers out there!! Brad

Excellent! Marlena

Bravo Booth Brothers!! I almost wished it didn't end there...but who knows what y'all have up your sleeves next : ) Really glad I made the investment! Keep on doing the Damn Thing!! Kura

All I can say, after watching The Haunted Boy is Thank You! Jennifer

Just watched the DVD and it was AMAZING!!!!! Now to finish the diary!! Oh and the Delivery guy extra was funny! Glenn

Just finished the movie....wish I could be at the big screen to participate in the standing ovation that you guys are going to get on this one, bro.!!!! You guys are brilliant. I never could've expected that you guys were going to push the boundaries that you did and bring us viewers right to the edge with ya! I'm a seasoned investigator and what an Awesome ride! James

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