What people are sayIng about The Possessed

I got the dvd over the weekend and watched it last night. You guys do fantastic work. The doc isĀ gorgeousĀ and terrifying at the same time. I really enjoyed it. I cant wait to see the next one .


Just finished watching The Possessed and all I can say is WOW! This was the Booth Brothers at their best! It was fantastic. There are moments that are truly chilling, emotionally disturbing, and at a few points I had tears in my eyes.

This is never an easy subject to talk about or even try to fully understand. You guys were right on point throughout the entire film.There were times when I fully forgot that I was watching a documentary. The camera work was outstanding! The score was amazing! Thank you from those of us who lived through these things that are so very hard to explain. This was a tribute to all that have lived through dark days and a step toward a better public understanding of our even darker nights. Thank you so much.

Steven LaChance
Author/The Uninvited.



Excellent, outstanding,superb customer service.


Great job everyone. very disturbing and creepy. please go back to zombie rd. for another doc. there is enough going on there for a long film. good luck booth bros. WONDERFUL WORK!!!!!! also your doc. on the children of the grave was just top notch. my mother remembers those train going thru Woodward ok. when she was a child. so sad. keep them coming gentlemen.

thanks mmgdavis

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