Really interesting and very sad

"This was really interesting and very sad about the history of orphan's around the turn of the century. They found a graveyard that had over 600 children dumped in a mass grave, it was almost like children were lower than animals at that time. They were stripped of their names and given numbers, there is a graveyard that only had numbers on the graves, no names. So it was pretty sad. Sometimes it jumped around a little too much and got off the subject a bit and then kept repeating itself several times. The EVPs were pretty cool. There was one EVP that you could hear screams, like they were all joining together to get your attention. Then there was the picture, I don't know if it was a setup or not, but they took a picture of the woods right at dusk but when looking at the picture later there were black figures of about 15 children standing on the hill in between the trees. Anyway, if you like Paranormal investigating, I think you might find this very interesting, eve

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