Children of the Grave MySpace Comments

It's Joey from GRS. It was great meeting you at the Spooktacular! Just wanted to say that Children of the Grave kicked ass!!! -Joey from GRS

I watched the DVD yesterday. Kudos It was awesome! -My-Space
i just got children of the grave in the mail today and just got finished watching it...very amazing! keep up the good work. - josh n.c .r.i.p.
Your Spooked DVD Was awesome can't wait to get Children of the grave.-My-Space
Checked out Children Of The Grave, very touching, but really good!- My-Space
CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE is such a heart felt story, Great Job!!! -My-Space
I loved your DVD, Children of the Grave.  You all did a wonderful job on that, beautifully produced and edited with some amazing photographic evidence.  Thank  you for all your hard work bringing that story to the rest of us. - James

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